A Brief Guide To Glaucoma

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With eyes being so complicated, there are a number of different conditions that can affect the eyes and cause damage and even blindness. Glaucoma is a common eye condition which can have a profound impact if not treated. Here we provide a little more information.

What Exactly is Glaucoma?

Around 300,000 people in the UK live with glaucoma, but what exactly is it? Glaucoma is a condition which damages the optic nerves within your eye through a build-up of fluid and pressure. Glaucoma doesn’t have obvious symptoms which means that many people don’t even realise they have the condition.

Primary open-angle glaucoma is the most common type of the disease and is usually detected from a routine examination which is why it’s so important to get regular check-ups. As well as secondary glaucoma, there’s also congenital glaucoma which directly impacts children and can lead to blindness. The famous soul musician Ray Charles suffered from this and went blind as a direct result of it.

What Causes Glaucoma?

As mentioned before, glaucoma is caused by a build-up of pressure in the eye, but it can also be caused by previous eye surgery, the use of steroid eye drops over extended periods and uveitis. People who are above 70 are more likely to be diagnosed with glaucoma, certain types of the condition are more prevalent in people of Asian, Caribbean and African origins and you’re far more likely to develop glaucoma if your family has a history of the condition.

Can Glaucoma Be Treated?

Glaucoma cannot be reversed or cured, however, there are a number of treatments that help to slow down the development. Eye-drops, surgery and laser treatment are all common treatments for the condition.

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