A Guide to Eye Tests at David Paul Opticians

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Making sure that your eyes are healthy is a crucial step in ensuring your quality of life as you begin to grow older. As we age, our eyes naturally deteriorate and become weak, however, looking after them as we are young and able to means that they will have longevity. The first step in this process is to have them tested regularly enough to spot any ailments before they become unruly and difficult to treat. Here we provide you with a guide to getting your eyes tested.

How Often Should I Have My Eyes Tested?

In most areas of the UK, children have an eye test when they first begin going to school and, following this initial test, they should continue to have them tested on an annual basis. If any worrying signs are spotted during this initial test, the optician can advise on when the next test should take place.

However, if no adverse problems are spotted then these can continue once per year and then once every other year during adulthood. If you ever have any concerns about your eyesight, then you can book one at any time for a checkup.

What Happens During an Eye Test?

At the beginning of an eye test, the optician will discuss with you any family of eye disease, whether you have any current worries about your eyesight and if you have any symptoms. Following this, a variety of tests will be carried out which inspect different parts of your eye. Some will examine how clearly you can see various characters at different sizes and distances, others will check to see whether colours can be seen correctly and others will inspect the internal workings of the eye.

Once I’ve Got My Results, Then What?

Once you’ve had a screening, you’ll then be advised by the optician as to whether you need any glasses or contact lenses and be handed a prescription. Sometimes your prescription will be on the cusp of needed glasses and not which means that you can decide either way. From there, choose a pair!

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