Are Designer Sunglasses a Good Investment?

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We’re finally arriving at that time of the year when our sunglasses become a permanent feature of our outfits. As we head into summer, it’s important that you have a quality pair of specs to hand. Not only will your chosen designer sunglasses make you look and feel great throughout the sunnier months, but they will also ensure that your eyes are kept healthy – even if it’s a washout!

Most brands will have their level of UV protection on the label, but the most reputable will state that they offer 100% protection against both UVA and UVB. To keep your eyes safe and healthy, this kind of protection is essential, as prolonged sunlight exposure can cause a number of eye diseases. However, your fashionable frames aren’t just for sunny days; cloud cover can also have high levels of UV, and wind can cause the eye to dry out or dust particles to irritate the eye. 

Essentially, the best time of year to wear your glasses is all year round! Especially as it’s so easy to get prescription sunnies, which are the perfect option for everyday spec-wearers. But if you want to treat your eyes to the very best (and most fashionable) care, nothing compares to a pair of designer sunglasses.

Is it worth the extra cost?

In short, yes. Not only do designer brands look chic, but they are made with higher-quality materials, which provide all kinds of benefits to the wearer. These kinds of glasses are a long-term investment and they are specifically designed with durability and style in mind. For example, platinum is a popular material, which has endless benefits like flexibility, antibacterial properties, and it’s practically impossible to break. You’ll also have a greater variety of shades to choose from, which means that your frames will be made to fit your face perfectly, providing greater comfort and wearability.

Extra Features

Opticians offering designer sunglasses will also be able to provide a range of lens features depending on the use, which will make your glasses even more bespoke.

Polarised lenses: these dramatically reduce glare, making them perfect for watersports enthusiasts or anyone whose eyes are extra sensitive to sunlight.

Interchangeable lenses: Certain frames have the option to add clip-on lenses of different colours, so that your eyes are protected in all activities and weather conditions. These are perfect for a wearer who likes to be ready for any situation. 

Photochromic lenses: These are great for people who hate being caught out when the sun decides to make an appearance. The lenses automatically adjust to different light levels, getting darker in brighter conditions and lighter on darker days.

Sports sunglasses: For the active specs user, getting a pair of designer sunglasses can change the quality of your performance. Whether you run, hike, bike, or ski, designer brands offer frames that are perfectly suited to specific activities. Just a few benefits include being more impact-resistant, more comfortable to wear, and lightweight.

Names to Know

David Paul Opticians offers a fantastic range of designer sunglasses, whether you’re looking for designs that push the boundaries, classic styles, or something that will last during weekends on the slopes, David Paul has it all. If you’re unsure about what’s right for you, these bestsellers are a great place to start as they meet the needs of both style and wearability.

Maui Jim

This Hawaiian brand combines classic frame styles with the latest lens technology to produce chic and fun eyewear. Each pair is fitted with revolutionary polarised lenses that allow the wearer to experience the world in vivid colour, while protecting the eyes from all UV rays and glare.


These designer sunglasses are a firm favourite amongst the fashionable crowd, thanks to their innovative designs and versatility. Lindberg glasses offer durable, adjustable and lightweight frames that are expertly paired with a wide variety of styles to suit your look.


Marni is a brand that focuses on individuality, and custom-made acetate frames are an easy way to make a statement. Their designs offer the best of stylish silhouettes with functionality as they balance bold geometric shapes with high-quality lenses for the ultimate eye protection.

If you’re planning on updating your eyewear this summer, pop into David Paul Opticians to discover an extensive range of designer sunglasses. The friendly team will be able to help you find the perfect pair suited to your prescription and taste, ensuring that you’re ready for all weather and can feel confident about your eye protection.