Are Designer Glasses Worth It?

Our eyes are one of our most important physical assets and, while many of us do tend to take our sight for granted, the better we look after them, the better they will serve us as we age. This means getting eye tests, taking care of our general health, keeping the weight down, not smoking, wearing safety eyegear and sunglasses when needed, and taking regular breaks from blue light screens, including your mobile phone. 

But we can’t all have (or keep) 20/20 vision, and for those of us who wear spectacles (like around four billion other adults around the globe), looking after our sight is even more important. 

Things have changed a lot in recent years and the days of Coke-bottle thick lenses and unattractive, clumsy frames are gone; today the world of spectacle wearing is a veritable smorgasbord of choice. Whatever your personal style and whatever statement you want to make (whether it’s for fashion or academic reasons!) you’ll be able to find a pair to suit your aesthetic. 

A World of Choice, But What's the Best?

With so much choice out there, when you’re dealing with something as important as your eyes the pressure is in making the right one. As well as countless styles from which to select, spectacles come in a huge range of prices and, therefore, quality - from very cheap right up to the other end of the scale. Many of the world’s top professional designers have taken the opportunity to get into the market and, naturally, their products are more expensive than the cheaper mass-produced ones. So, naturally, the question begs: are designer glasses worth it?

We’re going to preface the answers to this question with a spoiler: yes, they are. But you don’t just have to take our word for it...

Why Are Designer Glasses Worth It?

The thing that’s important to understand is that statement brands don’t just come with a pretty face (although they are very attractive); the higher price tag also ensures better quality, superior construction, longer lasting and more durability, and they also come with a warranty against performance and manufacturing defects - something you don’t usually get with the cheaper brands.

It's Not Just About the Frames

Of course we all want to look good, so an attractive and fashionable frame can be a major factor when choosing what we put on our face. Branded eyewear from high-profile names like Chloe, Tom Ford, Calvin Klein, Nike, Marni and Victoria Beckham offers not only a chance to sport a prestigious name, but also makes us feel more confident and attractive.

However, for those who ask ‘are designer glasses worth it?’ you need to look beyond just what they look like and focus on their superior performance too. 

Form Meets Function

By their nature, designers focus on not just aesthetics, but also the engineering of these products - such as how they sit on a face, comfort (in terms of rubbing and how they feel if worn for extensive periods), proportions and myriad other things. 

Here at David Paul the purchase of a branded frame doesn’t stop with the choice, and we ensure that they suit not only your face shape and features, but also your lifestyle. The premium materials and fixtures used are also a big factor in not only functionality, but durability - with things like flexible spring hinges, scratch proof technology, UV protection and the use of lightweight Titanium (for example). 

Lens Quality Matters

The other extremely important thing to know is that lens quality matters, and if you’re now half way down the page and still asking yourself ‘are designer glasses worth it?’, here’s where you get the definitive answer!

With the higher price tag comes better quality lenses from trusted names like Nikon, Kodak, Hoya, Zeiss and Essilor - and this always means you get the confidence of cutting edge technology with the peace of mind of a warranty and excellent after sales services. 

Finishes to Suit Your Needs

Along with the higher standards of quality and durability, branded lenses also provide options to boost their performance even more. Things like UVA and UVB protection, blue light control and transition lenses can offer a great deal in terms of keeping eye-strain to a minimum as well as counteracting environmental conditions. These are the kind of things you will not get with cheaper, imitation products. 

The Experts' Backing?

The Association of Optometrists in the UK (AOP) is a wonderful resource for all things eyesight, and their tips on supporting the health of your eyes include ensuring you wear quality prescribed glasses (complete with CE or British Standard marks) and ensuring they include protection from UV light - which, as mentioned, cheaper eyewear often does not. The AOP also stresses the importance of regular eye tests with a reputable provider, and David Paul Opticians is definitely a name you can rely on for that.

The professional body, the College of Optometrists, also offers some excellent advice and information on their ‘Look After Your Eyes’ website, which details the different types of eyewear and justifies the purchase of as high quality products as you can afford. 

Researching these and other places/authorities that focus on eye health can really help you understand how vital it is to be aware of the potential problems you can face as you age or if you develop one of the many sight affecting health conditions - many of which can be prevented or delayed with regular visits to your optician and ensuring you don’t scrimp on the quality of your spectacles. 

You only get one set of eyes, so why wouldn’t you give them the best possible care available?  

The Verdict Is In!

Here at David Paul Opticians we don’t need to ask the question, are designer glasses worth it? Because we know they most definitely are! It’s not just about good looks and getting to sport your favourite designer’s name on your face for some fashion credibility; it’s about ensuring you get the quality of construction, the backing of a superior after-sales service, the most cutting edge technology and the most suitable eyewear for your lifestyle. And that’s priceless!

When you book in with one of our experts for an eye test they’ll be able to take you through the entire range and find a frame and lenses that suit your lifestyle to a tee - and also make sure they are the very best option for your eye health going forward. 

Choosing your spectacles should never be a purely financial decision, because the old saying ‘you get what you pay for’ certainly rings true. Purchasing cheap, sub-standard spectacles can wind up being a false economy, so make sure you give your eyes the attention, the equipment and the pizazz they deserve.