Hello Sunshine! Best Designer Glasses for a Sporty Summer

While there are some things in life that are easily replaced by a more affordable version, designer glasses are one of the few accessories that I recommend people should consider splurging on. If you’re a prescription frames wearer, then this is an addition to your wardrobe that you’ll be wearing daily, so why wouldn’t you want the very best quality? At first look, the hefty price tag might seem excessive, but this purchase should be seen as an investment. Not only do the well-known brands tend to look more stylish, but they offer the wearer a whole host of extra benefits. They will have a more comfortable fit, and are often made with hypoallergenic and strong materials, which means they will last you a lot longer.

Investing in your eyewear is especially important when it comes to finding the right designer glasses for your summer activities. Whether you’re a passionate swimmer, spend your free time horse riding, fancy yourself as the next Andy Murray, or just enjoy some friendly cricket games on the weekend, you’ll need the right frames and lenses to match. 

But you don’t have to be a celebrity to wear the best sports designer glasses, so here’s my picks for some of the best on the market.


This brand might be known for its iconic footwear and textile technology, but Nike also has the right to claim status as offering some of the best sports accessories in the business, designer glasses included. As a brand, their primary aim is to support every athlete with their training and performance. Some famous customers include basketball legends such as Michael Jordan and Le Bron James, and tennis star Naomi Osaka. But you don’t have to be a professional athlete to wear these sporty specs. With a variety of ranges for men, women, and children, their frames are made with innovative technology and designed for every specific activity in mind. 

For runners, the Nike Aerial and Nike Victory are both great options. Both these ultra-lightweight frames come in a variety of lens colours and offer different degrees of light filtration. 

Maui Jim

This Hawaiian brand brings all the fun to the function when it comes to sports designer glasses. They have become popular for their unique style and an excellent range of colours that allow the wearer to inject a bit of personality into their look. However, what makes this brand special, is the revolutionary PolarizedPlus2 lenses that are fitted into every pair. This innovative technology is especially important for summer activities, as it stops dangerous UV rays and strong glare from causing any eye damage. Did you know that Maui Jim is the official eyewear of Manchester United? If it’s good enough for football legends, then it’s good enough for me!

The most popular styles include the Hukilau and the Fair Winds, which both look super stylish and distinctive with their colourful polarised lenses.


If you’re going for a more chic look, then the Danish brand, Lindberg, is the one for you. This brand is all about customisation and bespoke service, which means finding the perfect pair for you is effortless. While you’ll find a wide variety of frames to choose from - including round, square, oversized or small - there are a few common features that make this brand stand out in terms of quality and functionality. Every pair is made from the durable material titanium, which is both hypoallergenic and lightweight. Comfort is a priority and your specs will be fitted specifically to you, taking into consideration all the dimensions of your facial features.


When you think of Prada, your first thoughts probably don't jump to sports eyewear, but rather sleek styles favoured by the rich and famous. Well, think again. This well-known brand is also making a name for itself in the sporting world, with its Polarised 59 Sports Sunglasses. The polished black frame creates a bold and stylish look, perfect for those that want to make a bit of a fashion statement while on their bike or hiking. The frames are intentionally oversized to provide greater coverage and protection, which is particularly important when you’re spending time outside in direct sunlight. While the frames are plastic, not titanium, they have the added benefit of being extremely lightweight and fit to the face well.

Now that you’ve been introduced to the world of designer glasses for sports, you can see that there are some excellent options available for all kinds of summer activities. If you’re still unsure, consider how, as consumers, we approach other items. For example, you wouldn’t opt for a cheap pair of trainers if you’re training for a race, or wearing a cheap, flimsy cycling helmet. Protecting your eyes and feeling comfortable (plus looking good) are all important during the warmer months, and well worth the extra outlay to achieve. If you’re interested in investing in a quality pair of designer glasses, pop into David Paul Opticians and our friendly staff will be able to help you find the perfect pair of sunglasses or sports goggles for you.