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Victoria Beckham Eyewear | Why We Like It

Made famous in the 1990s as a member of the pop phenomenon: The Spice Girls, and then as the wife of a heartthrob footballer, Victoria Beckham is a cultural and fashion icon. Since then, she’s earned her renown as a fashion superstar with her very own line of clothing, makeup and accessories that boast the best of British craftsmanship. Today, the English […]

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Are You Nervous About Your Eye Test?

It is perfectly normal to be sensitive or nervous when coming for an eye test, and thousands of people feel exactly that way. It makes sense that we would be nervous about a vulnerable area of our bodies being examined, but at David Paul Opticians we pride ourselves in making our most nervous patients feel at ease and reassured. There are a number of reasons you might feel uneasy about coming for […]

How to Read an Eye Prescription in the UK

It’s not only common to wear glasses or contact lenses in the UK, it can also be something that actually makes your look and style improve! But before you can choose from our stunning designer frames, you’ll want to take an eye test to determine how strong your lenses need to be and whether there is anything specific about your eyesight needs. However, even though […]

Her Majesty’s Eyewear: Royal Glasses Through the Ages

Royal eyewear is a phrase that perhaps not many of us have ever given much consideration to – partly due to the historic reluctance of the royals to sport eyeglasses. Since the days when it was seen as a weakness to wear spectacles a lot has changed, however, and it’s not uncommon at all to see a member of the UK’s royal family wearing a pair of designer […]

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How to Choose Sunglasses that Protect Your Eyes

The market for designer glasses boasts an amazing array of frames that are specifically designed to give you protection from harmful solar rays. Sunglasses come in a wide range of styles to suit different people and their various lives, but how good the glasses look is only one part of the cost of buying a pair. Eye damage caused by exposure to UV light is a very […]

Our Reasons for Choosing Chloé Eyewear

There are a huge number of designers currently in the eyewear market, and for those looking to upgrade their frames, the choice can often be overwhelming and difficult. We regularly have people ask us about the best designers and styles for a particular aesthetic and it’s always a rewarding job to be able to help a person find the frames that suit […]

Why Am I Struggling to See at Night? Night Blindness Explained

Many of us suffer from poor night vision (nyctalopia), and it is among the most disheartening ophthalmic complaints out there. An inability to see well at night is an often-overlooked condition, but one that can have pretty serious consequences if left untreated – not to mention it can be extremely inconvenient. Whether it’s stopping you […]

Marni Eyewear: Get to Know the Brand

Marni eyewear is made for those with a deeply artistic and soulful outlook. The designs are inherently individualistic, while still being known for their practicality and high levels of quality. Although the extension into eyewear from the fashion brand is relatively recent, there has been no shortage of plaudits from designer glasses aficionados.The Marni design […]

A Guide to Helping Men Choose the Right Glasses

Here at David Paul Opticians we’re very proud of the extensive range of designer glasses we stock. With a wide demographic of customers, we’re conscious of ensuring that we cater to everyone’s taste, because let’s face it, choosing a frame and lenses to suit is most definitely not a one-size-(or colour or shape!)-fits-all kind of […]

Can Glasses Make You Look Younger?

The need to wear spectacles is extremely common, particularly as we age and our eye health naturally deteriorates. But, luckily for all of us, wearing glasses is no longer a sign of age that we need to be self-conscious about – because branded designer glasses have evolved into quite something of a fashion statement these […]