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Hello Sunshine! Best Designer Glasses for a Sporty Summer

While there are some things in life that are easily replaced by a more affordable version, designer glasses are one of the few accessories that I recommend people should consider splurging on. If you’re a prescription frames wearer, then this is an addition to your wardrobe that you’ll be wearing daily, so why wouldn’t you […]

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Are Designer Sunglasses a Good Investment?

We’re finally arriving at that time of the year when our sunglasses become a permanent feature of our outfits. As we head into summer, it’s important that you have a quality pair of specs to hand. Not only will your chosen designer sunglasses make you look and feel great throughout the sunnier months, but they […]

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Titanium: The Ultimate Metal for Designer Glasses

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your eyewear or are selecting the very first pair of frames for your children, choosing the suitable material for those frames is essential. Not only is it important to feel confident in your new pair of specs, but because this is an accessory that you’re likely to wear all day […]

3 Top Picks from Our Designer Glasses Range

There are many, many reasons for choosing designer glasses over the standard frames that you find in your opticians. You’re sure to notice the higher quality construction of them, and how this leads not only to a better fit, but a longer lasting pair of specs. Designer glasses are also more likely to make use […]

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What is Blue Light & What Does it Do to Your Eyes?

As the modern age progresses, more and more of us are becoming aware of the impact various technological developments can have on our bodies – this is especially true of screens and their effect on our eyes. Although these devices have revolutionised the way that we live and made many aspects of our lives much […]

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Back to School, Back to the Optician!

It’s that time of year again when the kids have gone back to school after the long summer break. This means that after you have prepared uniforms, topped up the stationery kits and got back into the swing of making packed lunches, there’s one more thing that’s worth adding to your back-to-school routine: an eye test. Although serious vision problems are rare for children, kids are usually offered routine […]

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Victoria Beckham Eyewear | Why We Like It

Made famous in the 1990s as a member of the pop phenomenon: The Spice Girls, and then as the wife of a heartthrob footballer, Victoria Beckham is a cultural and fashion icon. Since then, she’s earned her renown as a fashion superstar with her very own line of clothing, makeup and accessories that boast the best of British craftsmanship. Today, the English […]

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Are You Nervous About Your Eye Test?

It is perfectly normal to be sensitive or nervous when coming for an eye test, and thousands of people feel exactly that way. It makes sense that we would be nervous about a vulnerable area of our bodies being examined, but at David Paul Opticians we pride ourselves in making our most nervous patients feel at ease and reassured. There are a number of reasons you might feel uneasy about coming for […]

How to Read an Eye Prescription in the UK

It’s not only common to wear glasses or contact lenses in the UK, it can also be something that actually makes your look and style improve! But before you can choose from our stunning designer frames, you’ll want to take an eye test to determine how strong your lenses need to be and whether there is anything specific about your eyesight needs. However, even though […]

Her Majesty’s Eyewear: Royal Glasses Through the Ages

Royal eyewear is a phrase that perhaps not many of us have ever given much consideration to – partly due to the historic reluctance of the royals to sport eyeglasses. Since the days when it was seen as a weakness to wear spectacles a lot has changed, however, and it’s not uncommon at all to see a member of the UK’s royal family wearing a pair of designer […]