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Seasonal Eye Care Advice Explained by a Professional Optician

Our eyes are precious so it’s important to care for them in the right way to protect our vision and prevent eye-related conditions. Whether you have 20/20 vision or you wear glasses, everyone can benefit from a good eye care routine. However, throughout the year you will need to adapt your eye care to suit […]

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Four Animals with Incredible Eyesight

The animal kingdom is home to many species with incredible eyesight; from those that can spot prey from over a mile away, to animals who can see highly effectively in the dark. There are many factors that contribute to how advanced an animal’s eyesight is, including the relative size of their eyes and the positioning. […]

Why Does Father Christmas Wear Glasses?

Father Christmas isn’t portrayed as a young man so most people might be forgiven for thinking that he needs his old faithfuls to read what all the boys and girls have written on their Christmas lists. After all, he can’t just rely on the elves to do it for him, but there are other very […]

How Your Optician Can Help You Choose the Right Frames

Going to the optician is not just about getting your eyes tested and coming away with a prescription. It can also be about choosing your next pair of frames, and with the huge amount of choice available and the extensive range of designer options, selecting a frame to suit your face, lifestyle and budget can […]

The Dangers of Novelty Halloween Contact Lenses

Nobody wants to be a party pooper on Halloween when everyone is up for having a good time, but please don’t let a nasty eye infection be the scariest part of your spooky celebrations this year. Cosmetic contact lenses have become all the rage and today you can find everything from cats’ eyes to snakes’ eyes […]