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Should I Choose Glasses Or Lenses

Whilst you may think making this decision is purely a fashion choice, there are actually a lot of advantages and disadvantages of wearing either contact lenses or glasses, because everyone’s eyes are unique. In order to understand which will better correct your eyesight and be most comfortable, safe, and affordable for you, there are a […]

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How Often Should I Have An Eye Test?

Does it really matter if I ignore that reminder about an eye test that appeared through my letterbox last week? How often do I actually need to get my eyes tested? Does this change with age? How do I know if a doctor or an optician is the best healthcare professional to assess my health […]

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Common Eye Conditions and Problems

When looking after your eye health, knowledge is power. It’s important to be aware of the most common eye diseases so that you can detect symptoms early and prevent harm. So, let’s break down the eight most common eye conditions.1.GlaucomaThis condition is most commonly found in the elderly, although it can develop at any age. […]

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5 Reasons to Wear Sunglasses in Hertfordshire

We associate sunglasses with holidays and sunny days, but the truth is that sunglasses do much more than simply making it easier to see. Even in Hertfordshire, which often feels like it has short summers, it’s worth investing in a decent pair of sunglasses. It’s easy to get prescription lenses added if necessary, and a […]


Healthy vision is the key to a happy life.

Our senses are the things that bind us to the environment. Our eyes help us perceive up to 80% of the environment around us and also protect us from danger. It is essential to take care of your eyesight as poor vision can prove to be a hindrance in your everyday life if it diminishes. […]


Reasons to Get Regular Eye Tests

Most adults need to get an eye test every two years, but when that reminder letter comes through, it’s all too easy to ignore. If you’re happy with your current glasses, and haven’t had any symptoms such as headaches, then you might be tempted to skip your eye test completely. However, your eye test is […]

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Proper Eye Care During the Winter Months.

In these long dark days of winter, we don’t think of eye care as a huge concern. We wrap ourselves up against the cold and take remedies to ward off colds and flu, and often forget about protecting our eyes. However, the winter weather can have a negative impact on your eyes, even more so than the […]

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7 good reasons to contact an optician today

It is easy to neglect your own eye care but there are a number of reasons to have your eyes checked by an optician periodically. Sometimes we don’t notice slight changes to our vision, particularly if they are gradual (and especially when we are looking at computer screens every day), an optician can advise on any issues, […]

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Reduce the impact of Glaucoma through regular Optician appointments

What is GlaucomaA severe condition where the optic nerve, that connects the eye and brain, becomes damaged due to a blockage. A build-up of pressure is experienced from excess fluid not draining from the eye. This can lead to partial or complete loss of sight if it isn’t treated in the early stages of the […]

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The Importance of Eye Tests When Choosing New Glasses

When looking for a new pair of eyeglasses, many people overlook one of the most important aspects of the process. Getting your eyes tested regularly will not only ensure that you are wearing the right glasses for your sight but it will also mean that you are taking the very best care of your eyes.A […]