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How to Choose Sunglasses that Protect Your Eyes

The market for designer glasses boasts an amazing array of frames that are specifically designed to give you protection from harmful solar rays. Sunglasses come in a wide range of styles to suit different people and their various lives, but how good the glasses look is only one part of the cost of buying a pair. Eye damage caused by exposure to UV light is a very […]

Our Reasons for Choosing Chloé Eyewear

There are a huge number of designers currently in the eyewear market, and for those looking to upgrade their frames, the choice can often be overwhelming and difficult. We regularly have people ask us about the best designers and styles for a particular aesthetic and it’s always a rewarding job to be able to help a person find the frames that suit […]

Why Am I Struggling to See at Night? Night Blindness Explained

Many of us suffer from poor night vision (nyctalopia), and it is among the most disheartening ophthalmic complaints out there. An inability to see well at night is an often-overlooked condition, but one that can have pretty serious consequences if left untreated – not to mention it can be extremely inconvenient. Whether it’s stopping you […]

A Guide to Helping Men Choose the Right Glasses

Here at David Paul Opticians we’re very proud of the extensive range of designer glasses we stock. With a wide demographic of customers, we’re conscious of ensuring that we cater to everyone’s taste, because let’s face it, choosing a frame and lenses to suit is most definitely not a one-size-(or colour or shape!)-fits-all kind of […]

Can Glasses Make You Look Younger?

The need to wear spectacles is extremely common, particularly as we age and our eye health naturally deteriorates. But, luckily for all of us, wearing glasses is no longer a sign of age that we need to be self-conscious about – because branded designer glasses have evolved into quite something of a fashion statement these […]

Keeping Your Eyes Safe in Bonfire Season

Any kind of smoke can be damaging to our eyes (and it can be difficult to avoid in day-to-day life), but it’s bonfire season that many eye specialists consider to be the most challenging time in terms of potential problems. We’re not suggesting you curtail your fun or lock yourself away inside to prevent encountering […]

The Art Behind the Brand: Who is the Lindberg Designer?

Lindberg eyewear is created for the fashion conscious wearer; anyone whose priority is high quality, technical innovation and flawless craftsmanship is bound to appreciate a pair of the stunning eyewear. All Lindberg frames boast a unique aesthetic and all have been made with the traditional Danish style, which emphasises understated elegance and class. A designer […]

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Discover the Man Behind the Iconic Tom Ford Glasses

Tom Ford glasses are without doubt one of our best sellers here at David Paul, but who is the sophisticated and somewhat daredevil designer behind these sleek and uber stylish frames?Best known for transforming a floundering Gucci into a million dollar fashion institution, this influential designer is now the successful owner of his own super […]

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Eye Strain – Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

Eye strain is medically referred to as asthenopia, and it occurs when your eyes get tired from intense use. It normally means you’re working too hard, spending hours hunched over your computer screen without a break. But it can also occur from driving long distances and other every day activities such as reading, so it’s […]

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UV400 Protection

Sunglasses: Not Just For SummerYou may have had perfect eye sight all your life. But when you go outside, you should still put on a pair of shades – and not just any old pair. In order to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, you need to wear sunglasses that have the right protection. […]