Can Glasses Make You Look Younger?

The need to wear spectacles is extremely common, particularly as we age and our eye health naturally deteriorates. But, luckily for all of us, wearing glasses is no longer a sign of age that we need to be self-conscious about - because branded designer glasses have evolved into quite something of a fashion statement these days. 

However, there is one question we do hear quite a lot as optical specialists: can glasses make you look younger? The answer is definitely ‘yes’, but, just as with clothing, there are certain styles that do the job better than others. 

The great news is that with the popularity of designer glasses there is almost unlimited choice, so there’s no doubt you’ll be able to find the perfect pair for you - to make you look younger and feel like you’ve got 20/20 vision again! 

However, our advice is not to try and go it alone. You should always enlist the help of a trained member of staff, because not only do they know their brands, they also know exactly how to find the perfect pair of specs to suit every personality. 

It’s All About the Image (and the quality)

It’s a contentious subject, but the fact is that so much of aging is about the image we portray every time we walk out the door (or present on Zoom as has been the norm more recently). Along with our fashion choices, the eyewear we don is now considered as an accessory in its own right and there’s a lot of interest in the ever-changing trends of designer glasses. 

High profile brands like Tom Ford, Calvin Klein, Chloe, Nike, Victoria Beckham, Marni, Lindberg and so many more, have invested heavily in the research and development of their optical products, so you can be assured that, while, yes, it’s all about the name, it’s also all about the quality when it comes to designer glasses. 

Celebrity endorsements are a sure-fire way to ensure you’re ‘on trend’, but the most important thing to understand is that choosing the right frame (not just the most fashionable) can quite literally transform your face and take years off your age. 

Tips of the Trade

So, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty and share some of the best and easiest tips for choosing a pair of specs to make the years melt away. 

Work Out the Shape of Your Face

This is the most basic starting point, but sometimes it’s easier said than done. If your face shape is not immediately obvious to you, enlist help from a friend or, preferably, a staff member at the opticians. The shape of your face has a huge bearing on what style of frame will not only suit you, but contribute to making you look more refreshed and, yes, younger. 

For example, a narrow face is better suited to a round frame, while a round face will look better with a rectangular frame. Our faces tend to become more angular as we get older (although not always) so, as a rule, round glasses tend to be more flattering for mature people. 

Choose the Right Frame Shape

Anyone who wears spectacles knows how overwhelming it can be to try and choose a frame - that’s why we suggest you enlist our help! Because when it comes to our range of designer glasses, we are completely familiar with a large range of styles. 

If you want to look younger, a frame that goes up at the edges (like a cat’s eye shape) is a great choice to draw the attention upwards, rather than to (ahem) sagging or aging skin. A style with sidebars on the top half of the frame does the same job and can serve to accentuate your cheekbones.  

Here comes the good news: when it comes to specs, getting older is the time you can afford to go bold! Thick, even dramatic, boxy frames are a great way to give the appearance of youth, so steer away from the smaller, more conservative frames, which tend to instantly age you. Large round styles are an excellent choice to give the impression of youth. (Tom Ford is a master of the iconic, uber-stylish round styles.)

Tip: Even though you might think that wearing ‘rimless’ glasses, with no frame at all, might make you look younger because they are less visible, they (and those with very fine metal frames) actually tend to age you. 

Consider the Colour 

The next thing to make a choice on is the colour of your frames. Two of the best colours to help you maintain a youthful appearance are black and tortoiseshell. A pair of classic rounded tortoise shell glasses (a la Diane Keaton) simply oozes effortless style, while heavy black frames (particularly on men with grey or greying hair) are a definite winner. The key is to wear your designer glasses with confidence, and remember that even if you feel a little self-conscious at first, to others you will appear young, on trend and even dangerously suave!

But if you want to step up from classic black and tortoiseshell, choosing a vibrant colour like electric blue, red, teal or purple can make a fabulous statement, with the added bonus of being able to accessorise with your clothes or jewellery. Bright colours also tend to reflect and brighten up your face, so you can’t help but appear fresher and younger.

Don’t Be Afraid of Change

If you’re really keen to use your spectacles to make you appear (and feel) younger, the final piece of advice is to embrace change and don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. If you can afford it, having several pairs of glasses is a great way of dressing to suit your mood or the occasion, which can give you confidence. 

Don’t stick to the same old frames you’ve worn for years just because somebody once told you they looked good. With the vast range of designer glasses available now, there will be many, many options that suit you. The glasses you wear give you the opportunity to make a statement about who you are and the image you want to project to the world, so be sure that you’re making the most of it! 

Here at David Paul Opticians we pride ourselves on providing a genuinely holistic service to our customers. If you’re looking for advice on any products or eye-health issues, don’t hesitate to ask. Please get in touch to make an appointment; we look forward to meeting you.