CHLOE glasses

Chloé is the most naturally feminine Parisian fashion Maison, located at the intersection of couture savoir faire and youthful attitude.
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Italian-made chloe glasses

Founded in 1952 by Gaby Aghion, Chloé is known amongst the world’s most fashion conscious, sophisticated women for its chic, feminine clothing and iconic, must have accessories.

Designed today by Natacha Ramsay Levi, the new creative director, it is a sisterhood brand with youthful, modern designs and a slightly audacious spirit. The brand represents femininity, modernity, grace and effortlessness as the core characteristics that shape the brand and define their Eyewear collection as well.

The Eyewear collection reflects Chloé’s modern tones and free spirited femininity in a design that elevates the brand’s style codes with updated refinements. Lightweight frames, iconic embellishments and harmonious contrasts of textures and hues enhance the magnified shapes while adding further distinction to the brand’s effortless sophistication. 

The collection of Chloé glasses reflects a mix of iconic elements such as golden metals, round, retro and oversized shapes, expressed through warm and sandy shades and gradient lenses, true to the Chloé colour palette.







Carlina Chloé glasses are an artistic expression of the brand’s mood: feminine and fluid, with a nod to vintage styling.

  • Iconic concept inspired by the 70’s
  • Feminine and playful, Carlina features gold metal concentric filaments
  • Oversized round, rectangular, butterfly and aviator shapes
  • Seasonal renditions and animations with special finishing and patterns
  • Wide colour palette


The feminine and mischievous concept, enriched with a new octagonal scalloped shape and a fresh colour palette.
  • piece screw frame with 4mm thick lenses
  • Flower and octagonal shapes available
  • Double milling process to create the outline and to bevel the lenses internally
  • Manual buffing process to create the shiny effect in the lateral section and in the beveled portions
  • Sunburst shaped metal piece inspired from the bags embellishes the end piece of the temples
  • Chloé exclusive filigree pattern
  • Stopper hinge to add comfort
  • Wide and summery colour palette with fresh gradient nuances


The first Chloé frame made of bio-acetate, the Mazzucchelli m49.
  • Entirely crafted from premium, eco friendly acetate, which is 100 % biodegradable and recyclable, these glamorous, octagonal Chloé glasses reveal a luminous, textured core wire, which is visible through the transparent temples.
  • The soft touch of the thermoplastic material is  contrasted by the playful tones of the lenses.



The signature filigree, exclusive Chloé glasses.

  • Minimal 3 piece screw frames and ultra thin metal shapes
  • Octagonal, square and round shapes available
  • Chloé exclusive filigree pattern on the temples
  • Three different galvanization: gold, rose gold and light gold
  • Flexible hinge adding comfort


Fashion light metal concept with thin structure, geometric shapes. 
  • Iconic concept in optical
  • Fashion and light profile, created by a shiny gold metla filament with different geometrical shapes: Octagon, Navigator, Pantos, Avaiator, & Round
  • The concept includes the animation with acetate front.
  • Flexible hinge adding comfort 


Ultra light metal frame with a hammered eyebrow. 
  • Glamorous and elegant, round-shaped
  • Three different galvanisation: Gold, Rose Gold & Light Gold
  • Flexible hinge adding comfort

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