Choose the Best Spectacle Frames for Your Face


Trying to figure out which type of spectacles will best suit you? Sure, it can take a while to try on all the different options, but if you start with what you know is best designed for your face, you can find the perfect option quickly.

Oval Faces

An oval face tends to look just like it sounds, with rounded features, narrower chin and forehead, but a wider cheekbone area. For an oval face shape, look for wider styles that will help balance the face out. Slightly rounded frames work very well for this face shape, but you’ll find that nearly everything looks good on an oval face.

Triangular Faces

Triangular faces tend to have narrower foreheads and a wide jaw, giving a triangle look to the face. You can boost the width at your brow line by opting for wider frames that have a strong top piece. Cat eye glasses work very well for women with a triangular face type.

Heart Shaped Faces

If you have a wider forehead and a narrower chin, you’ll likely have a heart shaped face. You’ll find that a heavier top frame works well with this shape. You should also look at frames that are wider than your forehead, to balance the width of your face and compliment your features.

Square Faces

Square faces are about as wide as they are long, with a strong, wide jaw and a wide forehead. The frames that will best compliment this type of facial structure are glasses that are narrow to pull the eye in. You should also look for square or rectangular glasses frames, rather than rounded ones.

Round Faces

For people with round faces, features tend to be softer than many others and they will have shorter faces than most, as well. You can find the perfect frames by opting for rounded shapes that suit your face. Smaller frames will probably be more flattering, as well, since they pull the eye in and help give you more dimension.

Rectangle Faces

These faces are similar to square faces, but tend to be longer than they are wide. A good thick pair of frames will work best for this face type and preferably in angular styles, rather than round ones. Larger frames are also a good choice.

Choosing a Colour

Of course, frames are not all about the shape, they also come in a variety of colours. While it may be tempting to opt for something with cool hues, keep in mind that they need to combine with multiple outfits and occasions. Pick something that is flattering to your face, either several tones lighter or darker than your skin tone, and that will work with any outfit you wear in the future.

With care, you can find the perfect glasses frames for your face and look great while wearing your eyewear.

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