Complementing Your Personality with the Perfect Pair of Eyeglasses

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Whether you wear prescription glasses daily to assist you with your vision or own a pair of sunglasses, it is a good idea to make sure that they complement the shape of your face, providing you with eyeglasses that you’re proud to wear.

This is particularly important for those who have just been prescribed corrective eyewear, and are uncomfortable in how they believe they look whilst wearing their new pair of glasses.

Luckily, there is a simple way to ensure that you only buy the frames that are the best fit for your face, helping you to feel as confident as possible.

Assess Your Appearance

The first step is to determine which shape category your face falls into. Some of us have round races, some oval, and some more rectangular - but whatever the shape may be – there will be a pair of frames to match that will look great.

· Rounded Features – People with this face type will typically possess a symmetrical face with rounded cheeks forehead and a chin.

· Smooth Features – This face type is similar to those with a rounded face but is usually less pronounced with longer proportions.

· Angular Features – Usually distinguished by a forehead that is narrow and a jaw region that is much wider.

· Rectangular and Square Features – Usually quite straight and sharp edged in appearance.

Once you’ve determined which category you fit into, the key is to find a pair of eyeglasses that provide a contrast to the appearance of your face.

Pick Your Frame Shape and Colour

Each brand or manufacturer that produces both prescription frames and sunglasses will provide a range of frame shapes in a variety of styles. To assist in choosing the right frames, consider the following:

·Round faces work much better with square frames as the straight edges provide a good contrast to the smooth curves of the face.

·Oval faces can work very well with frames of any shape, so you shouldn’t have too much difficulty in finding a pair that suit you.

·Triangular faces work very well with eyewear that places an emphasis on the top half of the face and forehead area. Such designs might include half rimmed spectacles and other similar styles.

·Rectangular faces are best suited to round and oval frames which can help provide some balance to the angular lines of the face.

The key is to try on as many pairs as possible which will help you find the perfect match for the shape of your face. Once you have, you can play around with colours and patterns to find the set of frames that best match your style and personality.

David Paul Opticians: Providing a Range of Stylish Designer Eyewear Frames

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