Do I Qualify for a Free Eye Test in Hertfordshire?

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We all know the importance of eye tests to our health. Not only do they ensure we get the right prescription for our glasses or contact lenses, but they can also spot a wide range of potential health problems such as glaucoma, helping to catch problems before they develop and therefore protecting your sight. That’s why many groups can get a free eye test on the NHS, and even help with the cost of their glasses, and this includes people living in the Hertfordshire area. Here are some of the people who can be eligible under this scheme.


There are a large number of families in the Hertfordshire area, for example around Hemel Hempstead, and those with multiple children often worry about the cost of getting tests. If you have a child under 16, or one who is 16, 17, or 18 in full-time education, then they’ll be eligible for free eye tests, as well as optical vouchers to put towards glasses, which can be a big relief for parents, as it cuts the cost of their treatment.

Medical conditions

People with certain medical conditions can get free eye tests, including:

  • Those who are blind
  • Those who are partially sighted
  • People with diabetes
  • People diagnosed with, or at risk of, glaucoma
  • Those over 40 with close family with glaucoma

People in the above categories can be at risk of their conditions worsening, and so it’s important that they get proper eye care. This can mean more eye tests than average, or that they need more advanced testing techniques. Some people can also get an NHS complex lens voucher, which helps with the cost of your glasses.

Over 60s

Getting older sometimes has its perks. Once you reach 60, you can get free eye tests through the NHS. This is because older people need to pay close attention to their eyes, ensuring they have regular eye tests to check for many of the common conditions that can be caused by age. For example, many older people find they have problems focusing on objects, so need to see an optician to have their prescription adjusted.


Those who claim certain benefits can also get help with free eye tests, as well as an optical voucher, which can help pay for glasses. This can be helpful for those who are on a low income. For example, if you claim income support, jobseeker’s allowance, or certain types of pension or tax credits, you can be eligible. Prisoners, and those on leave from prison, can also get help.

Some people on a low income may have a HC3 certificate, which helps with health-related costs. This can be used for reduced cost eye tests, as well as towards glasses and contacts, which can be a big help.

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