Our optometrist will conduct a series of checks to  assess your vision and determine the overall health of your eyes. We normally recommend that adults have an  eye test every two years and children should have one every year. However, if you have any concerns about your vision, at any time, please book to arrange an appointment.

More than just A regular sight test

Are you looking for a thorough eye test? It is essential that you invest time to make sure that your vision and your eyes are healthy. Regular eye tests are of vital importance to your vision and to your overall health. At David Paul Opticians, we offer more than just standard sight tests. Our experts can conduct a range of different examinations that can be included in your test. Our optometrist will tailor eye examinations to your individual requirements.




Expert eye care and comprehensive examinations

Our aim is to offer our customers quality eye care. To this extent, we use the latest optical technology that provides accurate results and offer advanced eye tests to detect glaucoma and extended eye examinations to detect diabetes, retinal tears and more.

Our optometrists are highly trained in all aspects of eye care and we will make sure your eye health concerns are addressed. Our friendly staff will ensure you are comfortable and answer any questions you may have. Visit us in Berkhamsted or contact us for more information.

  • Glaucoma screening
  • Topcon Maestro 2 Robotic OCT technology
  • Tests for AMD
  • Daytona Optomap retinal imaging
  • Post-test support
  • Comprehensive consultation

We offer NHS funded post cataract checks for patients who have recently had surgery at CHEC (community eyecare). Just call us to make an appointment for four weeks after your surgery. We will make sure your eyes are recovering well from the surgery and assess your vision so you can order your new glasses.


Our extensive sight tests can include the use of the following:

    Do you use a computer or visual display unit at work? If so, your employer may be obligated to pay for a regular eye examination. Furthermore, your employer might be required to cover the costs of a pair of spectacles if you use them solely for computer/VDU work.

    An autorefractor is a device that takes an electronic measurement of your eyes and provides an approximate prescription at the start of your eye examination. Our optometrist can use the autorefractor to help diagnose your prescription.

    A photoropter is placed in front of your eyes and is used as a lens correction unit. It enables the optometrist to measure the refractive error and determine the prescription needed. Patients much prefer the photoropter over traditional trial frame and lenses which can be extremely uncomfortable.

    Our Topcon computerised test chart is an accurate and versatile alternative to traditional back-illuminated test charts and projectors.
    The visual field screener, sometimes called the auto-perimeter, is a test that examines your field of vision. It can be helpful in indicating the overall health of the eyes and is effective at spotting the early signs of various potentially damaging conditions.

    Using modern technology, we can capture an image of the back of the eye and monitor the health of your vision. As part of our advanced eye examination, we can take a detailed scan of the retina to detect the early signs of conditions such as macular degeneration and macular holes.

    We use a non-contact tonometer to measure the pressure inside each eye and giving insight into the likelihood of glaucoma.

We also offer advanced eye examinations

For expert eye care in Berkhamsted, contact the team at David Paul Opticians.