Five Benefits of Monthly Contact Lenses

air optix monthly contactlenses

One of the most common questions that many new contact lens users have is: shall I opt for monthly contact lenses or daily disposables? While both have their pros and cons and it often comes down to personal preference, it helps to be informed about both. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the primary advantages of monthly contact lenses:

1. They’re more cost-effective than other options

One of the major benefits of monthly lenses is how much cheaper they work out for regular users. If you’re planning on wearing your contact lenses on a daily basis, it makes more financial sense to get monthly lenses. Daily disposables are more expensive and may be more suitable for those who wear their lenses less frequently.

2. They’re more environmentally friendly

As daily disposables are thrown away every day, they naturally produce much more waste. This is not only due to the plastic lenses themselves, but also the individual wrapping and cardboard packaging. If you regularly wear contact lenses, investing in monthly lenses is the more eco-friendly choice as they use limited packaging and you’ll be disposing of them just once a month.

3. They’re more convenient for travels

Monthly lenses are much easier to transport as you have just one pack to think about, along with a back-up set and your contact lens solution. Going away with daily disposables means having to take along multiple pairs of lenses which can take up precious luggage space.

4. You can take them off and pop them back in through the course of the day

As monthly lenses can be taken off and stored securely, you can let your eyes breathe or take them out for showers and gym sessions if you like. With daily disposables, you’d need to replace them with an entirely new set if you take them out during the day.

5. They’re better suited for more sensitive eyes

Monthly contact lenses are widely acknowledged as being more comfortable for eyes that are more easily irritated. As monthly lenses are designed to hold moisture for longer, they don’t dry up as quickly as daily disposables. This makes them a more comfortable choice for those with more sensitive eyes.

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