Four Tips to Help Boost Your Eyes Appearance and Banish Puffiness and Dark Circles

victoria beckham glaases

Whether you have had a poor nights sleep or you just want your eyes to look bright all day long, feeling refreshed is a great way to boost your mood and exceed in your job or studies for that day. However, once you wake up you can be confronted with puffy eyes, dark circles and eye discharge, also known as ‘sleep crust’. This can be irritating for some, but luckily through the power of makeup, skincare and some tried and tested hacks, your eyes will be sparkling in no time. Below are our four tips to help banish tired eyes and keep you feeling awake all day long.


Although we invest in face masks, cleansers, toners and moisturisers for our face - many of us forget about our eyes when it comes to skincare. From wrinkles to dark circles and puffy eyes, establishing a good skincare routine to help look after the delicate skin can help reduce the appearance and banish these pesky eye issues altogether. Invest in caffeinated eye serums, moisturising eye creams with SPF and also sensitive eye makeup remover to stop makeup from irritating your eyes whilst you sleep.


Once you have done your skincare routine, a great way to make your eyes appear brighter and refreshed is through the power of makeup. Concealers, foundations, mascara and eye shadow is a great way to enhance your eye colour and make you feel and look ready for the day ahead. Each person is different when it comes to how much makeup they like to wear day to day, but a simple application of a orange, green, pink or yellow concealer (depending on your skin tone), then applied with a concealer that matches your skin tone on top can help conceal dark circles, fatigue and redness.

3.Improve Diet

If you have been getting plenty of shut-eye but you still notice puffy and dark eyes, then perhaps you need to take a closer look at your diet. Make sure that you are staying well-hydrated throughout the day, carrying a bottle of water everywhere you go. Another tip is to look at skin-boosting foods enriched with vitamins like vitamin A, K and C. This includes foods like green leafy vegetables, broccoli, brussel sprouts, and spinach. Also, choose foods high in iron and B-12 too.

4.Home Hacks

There are many instant home hacks which won’t require you to invest in a multitude of expensive skincare products or makeup. This can include placing two cold spoons on your eyes as this instantly boosts the circulation around your eye area. Another tip is digging out the Twinings and placing soaked caffeinated tea bags on your eyes like green tea or english breakfast. Firstly, make sure to soak these in warm water then place in the fridge to cool down; once cool, place on your eyes.

It’s always important to look after your eyes and feel your best self, and here at David Paul Opticians, we can do just that. Based in Berkhamstead, we can offer eye tests, a stylish range of glasses, retinal imaging and high-quality sunglasses. To find out more, simply contact us today.