A Guide to Helping Men Choose the Right Glasses

Here at David Paul Opticians we’re very proud of the extensive range of designer glasses we stock. With a wide demographic of customers, we’re conscious of ensuring that we cater to everyone’s taste, because let’s face it, choosing a frame and lenses to suit is most definitely not a one-size-(or colour or shape!)-fits-all kind of situation. 

Today, fashion- and quality-conscious men have a wealth of choice when it comes to designer glasses - in fact, sometimes it might seem like there are too many! Our expert staff are completely au fait with all some of the best brands and styles, so while it’s definitely a great idea to bring along a friend or family member when choosing your frames, we’re able to give you an informed, impartial and expert opinion on how they suit, as well as understanding all the features and benefits of each style. 

For those who want a few professional tips off the cuff, though, we’ve created an up-to-the-minute guide for helping you guys out there choose the right pair of specs.

Size Up the Situation

It’s important that, while of course you want to be fashionable (or at the least, not outdated), you shouldn’t just jump on a trend for the sake of it. Big, bold frames are very in vogue at the moment for men, but they’re not for everyone. A good rule of thumb is to check that the actual frame doesn’t extend out past the width of your face, and that your eyes sit on or around the midpoint of the lens. 

Ponder the Personality

Something that’s often overlooked in the choice of frames is the need to factor in the man’s personality. There’s no point investing in a striking pair of specs that scream fashion but only scream it from the inside of the case because you’re too self-conscious to wear them! Make an honest appraisal of not only the kind of man you are (extrovert, shy and retiring, academic), but also the kind of image you want to portray (sophistication, confidence, authority). A man’s choice of eyewear can absolutely affect how you come across to people: wearing glasses has, in the past, been associated with intelligence, pompousness and maturity, but nowadays, with the advent of so many designer glasses, you can project whatever image you like - but it’s important to get it right! 

Here are just a few of the ways your designer glasses can help define your style. (But there are many more!)

Want to stand out from the crowd? Try bold, plastic black or coloured frames.

Looking for a business-like image? Timeless metal or crystal frames add gravitas.

Is quirky and funky your thing? Try classic large tortoiseshell or retro Aviators.

Aiming for suave and sophisticated? The refined rimless look could be for you.

Face Shape/Frame Shape 

The relationship between face shape and frame shape is crucial. There’s no substitute for trying on and seeing how a style suits, of course, but, as experts, we’re able to help you narrow the choice down quite considerably (which saves a lot of time and effort) because we’re skilled in knowing which frames suit the male face. While faces only come in a few shapes - oval, round and square - the frames for your designer glasses come in considerably more - round, square, rectangular, oval, with curved edges, with angular edges - you get the picture. 

Broadly speaking a round face will benefit from a more blunt kind of frame, like square or rectangular, and a square face will suit round or oval frames. For men with an oval face, the choice is broader, with most styles being appropriate, but size is a key factor. (Again, this is general advice and you’ll still need to try a range of styles in those categories to see what suits.) 

If the Specs Fit…

Men generally tend to expect quite a lot from their spectacles in terms of comfort, durability and versatility. And rightly so! That’s why it’s super important to ensure the fit is right from the get-go. You need to make sure they feel comfortable on the bridge of your nose (no slipping or pinching) and also on your ears, so they don’t cause indentations in your temples (and therefore create potential headaches).    

NOTE: This is where our expert advice really is crucial, because we know how much leeway there is with adjustments on the frames. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

We all know the jokes about men and their reticence to ask for directions, so our best advice is not to fall into the stereotype when choosing your designer glasses! David Paul’s team is absolutely committed to making sure everyone gets the perfect pair of glasses and what’s more, they love doing it. 

David Paul Opticians offer a friendly, knowledgeable and holistic service. We’re committed to helping our customers with all their eye health issues, which includes giving the best, most informed advice on frames and lenses. Please get in touch to make an appointment or call in and speak to one of our expert staff.