Healthy vision is the key to a happy life.


Our senses are the things that bind us to the environment. Our eyes help us perceive up to 80% of the environment around us and also protect us from danger. It is essential to take care of your eyesight as poor vision can prove to be a hindrance in your everyday life if it diminishes. Your eyesight fluctuates according to the level of visibility around you, as the seasons alternate from one to another, as night turns to day. Seeing clearly can become quite a struggle if you have insufficient lighting at work, even for someone who “perfect” eyesight. This can be corrected by getting an eye test done and making sure that you have the right pair of glasses to deal with your everyday life.

Vision problems and what they actually mean:

Your optician might describe a range of vision problems to you. It is important to understand the type of problem or “errors of refraction” that you have. The most common are:

  • Myopia or short sightedness: When objects in the distance appear blurred and unclear, whereas you can identify objects within a range of 5-10cm clearly. If this seems to be your symptom, you can choose to wear spectacles only when you associated with performing activities that require you to look beyond your comfort range, for example, when you go out to watch a movie or when driving.
  • Focus change or accommodation: As you age or with prolonged activity such as looking at a computer screen continuously, it can become slightly more difficult to change focus and that’s when glasses come to your rescue. Sometimes you might even need reading glasses while performing activities where objects are closer and require a lot of attention, such as while knitting. This phenomenon is common among people of middle age from 40 - 45 as there is some degeneration in eyesight.
  • Hypermetropia/Hyperopia or long sight: This is the opposite of Myopia. When you have absolutely no trouble reading a sign board in the distance but have blurred vision while reading a book. You will require glasses while for tasks that require you to look at nearby objects, such as reading recipes or books.
  • Presbyopia : Similar to degenerating focus change, this has to do with the degeneration of the eye in accordance with age. Reading text at an arms length becomes difficult. This also acts as an indicator of your overall well-being and it is advisable to go for regular eye checks.
  • Astigmatism : This condition varies between individuals to a great extent. This has do with the shape of the cornea. Different people have different curvatures of the cornea leading to different levels of visibility. This can be corrected using the right pair of glasses.

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