How Good Eye Wear Creates a Great Impression

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Long gone are the days of stigma attached to wearing spectacles. In today’s fashion-conscious world, the right facial attire is not only sought after – it’s big fashionista business. Sartorially, glasses can add an accent to your dress sense. But they can also do so much more.

Obviously, being able to see clearly is a big improvement in your life , but there are many other benefits to using spectacles. Many people opt to use glasses instead of contact lenses for some of these specific reasons.

It’s often a talking point in new social circles

Surprisingly, most people find those with glasses to be more approachable. This has been proven by multiple studies, as well as many personal observations. If you have contact lenses, you can try wearing them one day to work and using your glasses the next day. There will likely be a notable difference in how people see and interact with you.

One theory suggests that having glasses shows you are human. You’re certainly not perfect, but wearing glasses shows that you have problems just like everyone else. Could this be why so many find it easier to talk to someone with eye wear? Perhaps.

People are more likely to remember you

It can be tough to remember everyone’s face, so having something unique about you will help others remember you, even if they only met you for a few moments. The fact that you’re the one with glasses can actually be a benefit in this particular case. It’s particularly useful when you have a job interview or are going up against others in a competition. You’ll be the one that stands out, particularly if you have noticeable glasses. Anyone else will be forgotten, while you’re going to be noticed.

Show off your personality

You probably have certain outfits or fashion styles that you gravitate to and wear on a regular basis. These form your signature look and while you may change things up from time to time, it’s your signature look that shows your style to the world. Your glasses are accessories that work with that and helps people notice you. Whether you opt for something flashy or go with a more sedate design, you have chosen something that helps define who you area as a person.

Highlight your best facial features

Need a little boost? You can easily select your spectacles to make your face look even better. Just focus on the parts that you like the most and then pick glasses to work with your face. For example, you can select a frame that will help make your eyes really stand out or pick a frame that is wider for a narrow face, to add a little more depth. The choices are endless and you can really make full use of them in your selection of frames.

Frames come in all shapes and sizes, so you need to be aware of what is most likely to work for you. Then you can start focusing on colours and design styles. Some people enjoy a little bling on their glasses, in the form of glitter or rhinestones, while others want just plain, solid black or a similar neutral. You can get as wild as you like, or keep things as staid as possible. Either way, there are designs available for your needs.

Other little embellishments such as eye shape can really add a lot to a pair of glasses. While not many can pull off heart shaped glasses, something with cat eyes can look very sleek and popular.

Choosing the Right Spectacle Frames

The right pair of glasses will really work to set off your features and help you look amazing. Choose carefully, since you’ll be wearing these same frames for every occasion, unless you decide to get two different pairs.

You can order a wide variety of designs and colours, so make sure you’re getting something that is not only flattering to your face, but also works with your clothes. The shape of your face will tend to indicate what you are looking for in a frame.

A general rule of thumb is to select rounded frames if you have a softer face and rounded curves. If your face tends to be more angular, you should focus on square or rectangular glasses that will help set off your good facial lines. Of course, there are exceptions to the rules, but it’s a good idea to look for pairs of glasses that will suit your face when you’re buying.

Depending on whether your face is narrow or wide, you should choose frames that fit well, but enhance your looks. For straight up and down faces, smaller frames can look good, because they add some dimension to your face. Curved faces will tend to look best with wider frames that help pull everything together. You can also select frames that are thin if you have great brows, or draw attention to your forehead with heavier frames.

Before buying, you should always try on several frames and see what looks best on you. While these guidelines can help you choose the ones to try, there is no guarantee that they’ll look good unless you actually test them out.

Opticians and Eye Care

Having a great optician will make it even easier to maintain your eyes and prevent them from getting worse. If you’re wearing glasses, it’s likely that you’ll need to upgrade them from time to time. This is completely normal and it happens as your eyes improve or deteriorate over time. Each new pair of glasses is a new opportunity to show off your style and pick something that really works for you.

You should talk to your optician and find out how often you need to see them. This will usually depend on the severity of your eyesight and how much your doctor has been able to glean from tests. It will show them just how fast your eyesight is changing, which indicates how frequently you need to be seen.

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