How to Choose Sunglasses that Protect Your Eyes

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The market for designer glasses boasts an amazing array of frames that are specifically designed to give you protection from harmful solar rays. Sunglasses come in a wide range of styles to suit different people and their various lives, but how good the glasses look is only one part of the cost of buying a pair. Eye damage caused by exposure to UV light is a very serious matter, and a pair of prescription sunglasses can ensure you look good while also being protected and comfortable in the sun. 

There’s a lot to know when it comes to sunglasses, and the different categories, filters and styles should all factor into any decision you make about buying the frames. As well as this, sunglasses can be functional in a number of different activities and environments, so it’s important to have all the facts before making a choice. 

Protection is Key

Oftentimes our clients are primarily concerned with the way a pair of designer glasses looks beyond any other feature, but when it comes to sunglasses, we always recommend buying lenses with the very best protection. The great thing about our service is we can ensure the style matches the substance, but the protection for your eyes is the most important thing. 

It can be easy to forget about eye protection in the sun – we don’t give a second thought to applying protective cream to our skin, but we often ignore our eyes. It’s important to protect your sight whenever you’re outside, as it doesn’t even have to be a sunny day for UV damage to occur.

Our main priority when helping customers find sunglasses is to ensure the lenses are equipped with the maximum UV protection possible. Believe us, it’s worth every penny. 

Choice of Lens

Not everybody realises that the choice you have when buying designer glasses extends to the lenses as well as to the frames. Especially in the case of sun lenses, there are a number of different tints and these all have different functions depending on the strength of the sunlight when they’re being worn. 

These different tints are measured in ABS%, which is the percentage of the visible light that is absorbed by the darkness of the tint. Depending on the brightness when you’re wearing them, different ABS% is appropriate. 

Typically, lenses are split over five levels of darkness that are all available in your choice of designer glasses. The lightest frames offer the least protection from the sun and are a standard prescription lens, and the darkest types offer the most. It’s also crucial to remember that the tint on the darker end of the scale can make driving and other activities more challenging, so speak to one of our opticians to find out what tint level is suitable for you. 

The UV Filter System

The darkness of your designer glasses is not actually the most important factor when it comes to protection from the sun. Sunglasses that are UV400 rated contain a filter that protects you from around 99% of UV light, whereas a darker tint lens only protects from the visible light. Both factors work in tandem with each other to give you the best protection possible. 

There are two types of filter that can be applied to your sunglasses that will help protect your eyes from damage. The first is the UV400 protection that we’ve mentioned above, and this is a mandatory feature of most of the frames you’ll come across. The second filter is called a polariser, and this makes a huge amount of difference when it comes to blocking the light that glares and can cause both damage and distraction. 

The science behind it is complex, but it works through a process that is started during the construction of your lenses, when molecules are inserted into the glass that makes the light bounce and refract away from your pupils. Essentially it redirects the ‘horizontal light’ that is the most unpleasant to look at.

Which Sunglasses are Right for Me?

All of our clients have different needs and lifestyles, which can make choosing a pair of designer glasses that much more complicated. Our dedicated team of expert opticians are well versed in the variety of sunglasses we sell, as well as all the key safety information, so they can help you choose depending on your needs. 


If you’re looking for a pair of sunglasses that will help with extreme sports, then it’s important to get the right pair. Having them fall off during a crucial moment would not only be frustrating, but could potentially be dangerous. For activities like skiing where there will be a lot of horizontal light from the sun reflecting off the snow, a pair that will stay on is a must – a wraparound style would be perfect for winter sports, as well as other outdoor activities. 

Mirrored lenses are also a great option for snowboarding and skiing – not only do they have a certain style associated with the sport, but they reflect more sunlight away from your eyes.


Looking good is very important and sunglasses can play an enormous part in this. We have a huge range of designer glasses that will make you look stylish and chic whether you’re lounging on holiday or driving with the windows down. 

Coloured lenses are also available and we can help choose a colour and frame style that matches your personality and style. The different colours also contain a number of functional features, with red-tinted lenses offering sharper eyesight, and green offering reduced eye strain. 

Knowing the facts about sunglasses is important before you buy. We should all be protecting our eyesight in the most effective ways possible, so why not visit your local David Paul Opticians for a consultation on your needs? Our team can help you make decisions on safety as well as style, and are experts in the many varieties of designer glasses that both look great and protect you from dangerous UV light. 

Contact us for comprehensive eye care that is tailored to your needs.