How to Help Your Child Feel Good About Their Glasses

children's glasses

When children get to school age, this is usually the time when problems with their eyesight become more obvious. Whether it’s difficulty seeing the board or trouble reading their textbook, each year thousands of children are recommended glasses by their optician.

Read on for our top tips on how to make your child feel good about their new glasses.

Get them involved

It’s important that you get your child involved with the process, it is their glasses after all. Allowing them to help decide on which frames they have will give them a sense of ownership and make them feel proud about wearing their new glasses too. Although you may offer advice about which pairs look good, it should ultimately feel like their choice. Additionally, make sure they get involved with taking care of their glasses, by showing them how to clean them and the importance of keeping them safe.

Explain the benefits

Make sure you explain the benefits of glasses to your child. You should tell them how they’ll be able to do better at school by seeing much clearer and enjoy other things such as drawing, reading or watching films. With this knowledge, your child will feel a lot more positive about life with glasses and they’ll know exactly what to say if other children ask about them too.

Be positive

Positive encouragement and words will go along way, especially during the first few days of your child adapting to their new glasses. Complimenting them on how good they look will make them feel confident, however, be sure not to overdo it as this could make them feel uncomfortable and conscious. If they do have any concerns, make sure you respond positively and do all you can to reassure them.

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