Discover the Man Behind the Iconic Tom Ford Glasses

blue tom ford glasses

Tom Ford glasses are without doubt one of our best sellers here at David Paul, but who is the sophisticated and somewhat daredevil designer behind these sleek and uber stylish frames?

Best known for transforming a floundering Gucci into a million dollar fashion institution, this influential designer is now the successful owner of his own super trendy brand, which includes the famous and highly sought after Tom Ford glasses. 

A Snapshot

As a child, Tom grew up in Texas and New Mexico before heading stateside to New York for his university days, which not surprisingly didn’t last long. Studying history was about as far removed from his true passion in life than you could get, so he dipped his toe in the water of a more creative career and tried his hand at acting. He went on to feature in TV adverts but eventually settled on studying again, but this time it was architecture.

Throughout his studies he maintained an avid interest in fashion and ended up taking a year off to work at the Chloé press office, in Paris. It was clear from the start that this was his path in life, and after a short time with Cathy Hardwick in the States, he returned to Europe. His career in fashion was often controversial and he famously fell out of favour with Yves Saint Laurent when he was appointed the Creative and Communications Director of the ready-to-wear line. Instead of toeing the line, he exercised his own creative flair a little too much for the more experienced designer’s liking and they parted ways.

Ford appeared to constantly side step convention in favour of more head turning campaigns. His most daring to date was the Mario Testino ad campaign, which featured a female model sporting a shaved pubic area that displayed the Gucci logo. 

Over the past 15 years after leaving Gucci, blaming creative differences with the PPR management, the designer directed and produced an Oscar nominated film called ‘A Single Man. His second film, Nocturnal Animals, starred Jake Gyllenhaal and Amy Adams.

With his heart still very much in fashion he has grown his own hugely successful fashion brand, which focuses on menswear, womenswear, beauty, perfumes, glasses and colognes.

Five ‘I Never Knew That’ Facts

He Doesn’t Like Phones
Rather puzzlingly, he claims not to know his own phone number and apparently only uses his mobile for emergencies and photography. 

He’s Vegan, Except When it Comes to Donuts
An advocate for the rights of animals, he chooses to live on a plant-based diet. He does, however, make exceptions for donuts and other delicious sugary treats.

He Has Been With His Partner for 35 Years
Married to Richard Buckley, the pair has been together since 1986. They have a seven year old son called Alexander John Buckley Ford.

He Enjoys His Baths 
Tom indulges in four baths a day! He loves the relaxing element to baths and uses them for meditative purposes.

He Was Part of the Studio 54 Set
When the Studio 54 craze was in full swing, Tom met Andy Warhol and began frequenting the venue. This time in his life had a huge influence on his often outrageous approach to fashion design. 

Tom Ford Glasses at David Paul Opticians

As with all of our ranges we supply the latest trends of this iconic eyewear. We know that choosing specs is very important and that getting it right can have a big impact on confidence, which is why we select our designers carefully and like to feature those that provide our customers with choice. We have every faith in our extensive range of Tom Ford glasses for both men and women (check out the range here). The luxury selection covers everything from uber-stylish to subtly elegant and from modern to classic, so we know that we have everyone covered when it comes to design. 

When asked in an interview whether or not there was such a thing as absolute good or bad taste, Tom answered with this:

“Behaviourally, there’s being elegant and being human. But visually no. Taste is really just formed culturally. And if you say I am a ‘tastemaker’, it’s that I am a tastemaker working within the framework of what is considered contemporary taste.”

Why Choose Tom Ford Glasses?

No matter what your desires when it comes to eyewear style, this range has something that will suit. We pride ourselves on the personal service we offer, so if this contemporary designer is the one for you, we can help you find a pair of specs that you’ll be very happy with.

Hard Wearing
We have confidence in the wearability and durability of these frames. After all, eyewear is an investment and you really don’t want your new specs to break as soon as they get a little use. Made with the toughest of materials, Tom Ford glasses are definitely a worthwhile investment. 

Great Value
The flamboyant man behind these specs is a proven designer whose trends have stood the test of time. Buy a pair of his frames and you’re guaranteed to be in vogue for years to come. 

We love these frames, not only for their timeless stylish aesthetic, but for their incredible durability and excellent value for money. The range too, is so varied that we know that whatever your face shape, your personal style or frame shape preference, there will be a pair that will be the perfect complement. You can visit us in store or take a look at our website for inspiration. Get in touch with us to book an eye appointment or glasses consultation with one of our experienced team.