Lindberg glasses are at the cutting edge of eyewear fashion and spectacle technology. At David Paul Opticians in Berkhamsted we stock a wide range of these award-winning handmade designer frames that can also be purchased online. 

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We believe in this design and endorse not only the quality of craftsmanship but the aesthetic creations that span the whole range in the portfolio. Our shop stocks the very latest in Lindberg glasses because we have faith in the high spec technology that goes into bringing these frames to life. When it comes to wearing glasses, confidence is key and there is no doubt that this designer has this in mind when producing this fine range of eyewear.

It really doesn’t matter whether you are into the more understated pair of specs or whether you like to indulge in a more bold look, Lindberg glasses have you covered. So much more than a fashion eyewear accessory, these frames are unique! If you want to know more about this stunning range of glasses, get in touch online or pop in to our Berkhamsted store. Our enthusiastic and professional team takes great pride in advising customers when buying their next pair of designer glasses and are on hand to help wherever they can.



Ready for an eyewear update, or maybe you are new to wearing specs and are keen to find a design that suits - this brand is a fantastic option. Offering a stylish, striking aesthetic, yet providing a comfortable and easy to wear design, Lindberg glasses are created for durability and strength without the use of screws or soldering. 

We are proud to stock the full range of Lindberg glasses and a customisable service that means we can tailor the specs to suit your requirements. Perhaps you need a new pair for driving or a pair for reading, or maybe it's an everyday frame you are looking for - no matter what you need, comfort is key. 

We also stock lots of other designer ranges including Nike, Christian Dior and Calvin Klein and don’t forget that our team will be more than happy to guide you towards the pair that best suits your prescription and the style you feel happy with.


When it comes to designer frames we want our customers to have the very best choice out there. We appreciate that eyewear is a part of the wearer, playing a role in expressing personality and personal style, but we also realise that it has to be comfortable and hard wearing if it is to be recognised as worth the investment. Our team has confidence in every designer we stock and we can reassure all our clients that every frame has our backing, not least the stunning Lindberg glasses that have become a firm favourite among staff and customers alike. 

Pop into our Berkhamsted shop and have a chat with one of the members of staff and allow them to introduce you to our huge range of fabulous frames. With made-to-measure fitting, we guarantee you optimal vision as well as a look that makes you feel confident, happy and most importantly, yourself!


For anyone who already has their prescription and is up to speed on the kind of lens they require, then ordering online is always a possibility. This is also a great option for anyone with little free time during opening hours and, with all the styles highlighted on the website, there is just as much choice as in store. Our online service is backed up by our contact number and email too. Just give us a call or drop us a message if you need any questions answered. 

It is a good idea to have your eyes checked regularly, even if you feel you have no issues. We can check that your lenses are still the best fit for your eyes and their health. When we are checking your vision in store, you can also take the opportunity to discover our fabulous selection of Lindberg glasses.


Wearing specs is so much more than a way to improve vision. When we wear frames everyday they become a part of who we are, reflecting our style and personality. Here at David Paul, we have a huge range of top class designer frames, including the eclectic collection of customisable Lindberg glasses that are available in varying styles and colours. For any discovering spectacle wearer seeking top quality, this brand is an excellent choice. 

We are all individuals and there is no doubt that one pair of designer glasses, while perfect for one person may not be at all what the next person likes. Style and comfort is subjective, but rest assured that the team at David Paul in Berkhamsted can be trusted to offer objective advice to each and every customer.







  • This stunning lightweight frame boasts mounted lenses that sit within a unique acetate inner rim that lies within the titanium plate frame.

  • With nose pads made of a skin sensitive silicone, maximum comfort is guaranteed. Comfort is further accentuated by the adjustable function and ergonomic shape.

  • Inner rims are smooth and available in a range of colours.

  • Comfort is key when it comes to the non-allergic rubber on the temples.

  • Temples are customisable and are offered in three different lengths. They have adjustable ends that help to create a flawless fit.

  • 9700 Lindberg Strip Collection Available at David Paul Opticians



  • Fusion of the 2mm thin hypoallergenic composite front together with the ultra-lightweight titanium temples.
  • Maximum comfort is ensured through the use of ergonomically shaped nose pads that can be adjusted 5 ways. Skin friendly silicone is also used to provide a smooth sensitive feel.
  • Hinges are made of quality lightweight titanium and without screws.
  • Providing the perfect complement by supplementing or contrasting the steel titanium hue of the temples, the design incorporates a range of transparent polished colours.
  • Scratch resistant glass frame created by the composite front complete with nano-coating. 

Spirit Collection

  • Minimalist aesthetic without any remarkable features that may detract from the face.

  • Several lens shapes.

  • No screws, rivets or soldering in the hinges.

  • Create any number of combinations of lens, temple design, size and colour.

  • Skin friendly silicone used to create comfortable nose pads that are also multi-adjustable and shaped with ergonomics a priority.

9800 Strip Collection


  • Combining acetate and titanium plate design details and beautiful curved features of the upper rim, along with a bespoke screw-free front created with the lenses attaching the acetate front to the titanium frame. 

  • Lens holding together the delicate sandwich design of titanium and acetate.

  • Hinges made with self-lubricating thermoplastic and without screws - patented design.

  • More than 40 frame designs and colour options.

  • Nose pads are made of skin sensitive medical silicone and boast an ergonomic shaped design.

Acetanium Collection


  • New cutting edge frame designs are reached with this combination of titanium and acetate.

  • Hand crafted premium quality acetate, polished via a 5 stage process.

  • Titanium temples provide extra durability and strength.

  • Nose bridge reinforced to allow the frame to fall in line with the curve of the lens.

  • Ergonomically adjusted nose pads, made of skin sensitive medical silicone.

Horn Collection


  • The classic LINDBERG Horn is a beautifully handcrafted fusion of buffalo horn and titanium.

  • Layers of laminated horn give the frame front extra strength and stability. 

  • Temple ends are multi-adjustable offering the wearer a perfect fit. Temples available in 3 different lengths. 

  • Horn front available in 4 subtle colours.

  • Titanium sides available in 4 colours.


  • Screwless hinges.

  • Over 35 colours to choose from.

  • Flexible and robust design, perfect for the everyday.

  • Nose pads adjustable for maximum comfort.

  • Lightweight and strong.


If you take care of your specs, they will be with you for years. They are designed to be an investment and designer frames are produced to retain their style and function. While choosing the right pair of Lindberg glasses can be overwhelming, if only because of the huge range, we have a team on hand to offer you all the help you need. Always on hand with great tips and advice, our members of staff are more than happy to help.

If you need any advice or have any queries about this stunning brand or want  to know more about other designer glasses or our services, please don't hesitate to contact us on 01442 879 303.

Hand-crafted Lindberg glasses for men and women. For more information contact David Paul Opticians in Hertfordshire today.