Marni Eyewear: Get to Know the Brand

Marni eyewear is made for those with a deeply artistic and soulful outlook. The designs are inherently individualistic, while still being known for their practicality and high levels of quality. Although the extension into eyewear from the fashion brand is relatively recent, there has been no shortage of plaudits from designer glasses aficionados.

The Marni design house is inspired by seasonal fashion and a stunning continental aesthetic, so it’s no surprise that their glasses are elegant without being intrusive. They let the wearer add layers and nuance to their look, rather than overwhelming them. Design this good, it’s fair to say, can only be described as genius. 

Swiss Chic

Founded in 1994, Marni is the brainchild of Swiss designer Consuelo Castiglioni. This is made all the more impressive considering she had no formal training in fashion or design, and her outlook and success has been driven by passion and a natural eye for flair and style. Castiglioni started the fashion house with her husband and business partner, and combined chic Italian styling with subtle and clever Swiss design and craftsmanship. Her clothing design is a captivating mix of sleek outlines and colourful print, catching onlookers off-guard with simple and fun looks. 

The brand excelled past all expectations and branched into new markets where they were able to capture the interest of large buyers and individual shoppers alike. Their move to designer glasses was a bold statement of intent from a company that was fiercely independent and fashion focused. Castiglioni has become one of the most well regarded designers in the industry, with awards and plaudits a-plenty. When you take a look at her creative designs more closely, it’s easy to see why owning Marni eyewear is something to really show off. 

The Design Philosophy

There are a number of key elements that really make Marni’s designer glasses stand out. Beyond their irreverent founder, Consuelo Castiglioni, the design philosophy of the brand speaks for itself. The artistic approach is front and centre, with ideas and idiosyncrasies that are drawn strongly from the world of fashion. 

Sometimes described as avant-garde, it can be easy to expect a pair of glasses from the brand to be outrageous or deliberately unhinged. But the truth could not be more different. What sets this eyewear apart, what makes it go further than other designers, is not something immediate or in-your-face. Marni is inventive and playful, sure, but it works in this unconventional space with a philosophy that never compromises on function. People will recognise Marni, but it will be for how they accentuate the wearer, rather than steal focus. 

Design Translated into Eyewear

It’s easy to talk about design philosophy, but how does this translate into frames and lenses? 


You’ll get colour in a pair of spectacles from Marni if you want it. But it won’t be done in a tacky way. Some designers like to make things bright and garish for the sake of it, but here you’ll find subtle tones, pastels and coral flavours that suit different hair and skin types really well. 

Pattern is another crucial aspect to the recognisability of a pair of Castiglioni’s frames, from classic animal style prints to intricate patterns that speak to the natural geological world. 


Pattern and colour notwithstanding, another key recognisability factor is the shapes that the Marni designers play with. They are a truly freewheeling design house when it comes to experimenting with shape to suit the contours of different faces. You’ll find no shortage of frames that update and enhance classic styles, but for those looking there are hexagons and angular pieces that are truly made for individuals. 


The answer, then, to how a clear and coherent design philosophy translates into frames and lenses is through the flamboyance that Marni eyewear is able to achieve without being garish or tacky. It’s often through subtle and intelligent adjustments to classic design that they achieve a look that sets them apart from the pack. 

Would Marni Designer Glasses Suit You?

The variety of frames on offer is really pretty spectacular. It clearly shows that designers at the brand are eager and passionate about their work. The only thing left to consider, then, is how different frames will suit you. Thankfully, with the plethora of design choices, there’s something for every face. 

Oval and Heart Shaped Faces

For those with a more oval face, many of the fun and creative Marni designs suit to a tee. Similarly, if you’re blessed with a heart shaped face, you should look at the more innovative styles but try to pick from those that are wider along the lower part of the frame: these will really suit your look.

Square Shaped Faces

Narrow frames are the look to go for here, or if you’re looking for something a bit more individual, there are a number of great round frames that will suit you and soften your features. 

Round Faces

Some of the best designs in the collection are perfect for those with round faces: square and rectangular frames will look best on you

Whatever your face shape, there will be a set of Marni frames that look perfect and, in true brand style, accentuate the features without overpowering them. These are glasses that are designed to look good and to be functional, but, as with all designer glasses, you can expect them to help you feel more confident too. 

The great thing about Marni is they do all the heavy lifting in terms of style and functionality: they leave you to get on with your day looking your best. We love their chic and unique looks and their wide variety of frames. You can visit us in store or check out our website where you can browse frames and book a consultation with one of our highly trained opticians.