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Marni Eyewear

Quirky and sophisticated; subtly subversive. Since the beginning, Marni has been different. Launched in 1994 by Consuelo Castiglioni, Marni is a luxury brand favoured by a discerning coterie of international customers who are curious, eclectic and fashion forward with a strong identity and a personal vision. The brand built its success on an elusive yet distinctive design signature that celebrates individuality.







Marni has distinctive design signature that celebrates individuality.

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A high-contrast sunglasses, where custom made
acetates and solid lenses are blended together,
recalling the first iconic runway frame
  • The Edge concept is recalled with a light and comfortable frame, preserving the geometricity and the play of volumes of the first iconic runway style.
  • The custom made acetates, merge volumes and bold shapes, creating a forceful expression of the Marni’s DNA.
  • The distinct design balances the geometric silhouette of the front by layering varying volumes on the temples.
  • The acetate front is left open in the side parts, drawing the attention to the lenses that lie on the underlying structure.
  • CR39 lenses
  • A light and comfortable design that combines a metal structure with custom made acetates in a fashion forward butterfly shape.
  • The distinct design of the frame balances the geometric silhouette of the front with the linear and light acetate temples, creating a forceful expression of the Marni’s DNA.
  • The metal profile of the front is enriched by a coloured acetate element that embraces half of each single eye, for a very peculiar look, both youthful and artsy.

Colour block

  • This Colour Block style plays with the philosophy of juxtaposition of distinctive shapes and vivid colours.
  • The use of modern colour blocking in bright hues and varying volumes on the temples, with a new and peculiar rectangular shape.
  • The Mazzucchelli acetates are made of a combination of layers that are bonded together through a very accurate manual process.
  • The contrasting nuances of the front and the linear temples create a high contrasting look that is both youthful and artsy.
  • The temples are customized thanks to a special process that makes them unique in terms of volumes and fitting.


  • The new Marni Tattoo modernizes the first SS16 runway style of the Eyewear collection, adding lightness and comfort to an already architectural and abstract in design frame.
  • Volumes and geometric shapes harmoniously merge creating a forceful expression of the Marni DNA.
  • The round shape of the lenses seamlessly integrates into the geometrical brow line that features sharp corners juxtaposed to the smooth, soft profile in metal.
  • The colour palette takes inspiration from the Marni world, matching the blue with the havana, the pink with the green, the mais and green with the azure.

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