Our Reasons for Choosing Chloé Eyewear

There are a huge number of designers currently in the eyewear market, and for those looking to upgrade their frames, the choice can often be overwhelming and difficult. We regularly have people ask us about the best designers and styles for a particular aesthetic and it's always a rewarding job to be able to help a person find the frames that suit them. 

It may not seem like much, but eyewear says a lot about a person, and making the right choice can elevate any look. 

For those looking for something elegant with an understated and classy femininity, Chloé glasses are certainly one of the first options to look at. There’s a lot to be said about this charming fashion house’s role in the eyewear market, so we’ve put together this article outlining just what makes them so special. 

History, Class, Elegance

Founded in 1952, the brand has been in existence for seventy years and this historic prestige is something worth noting in their eyewear. They have a sublime classiness that comes from decades of doing something and doing it very well. The brand is one of the high fashion brands for whom accessories, including spectacles, are not an afterthought but an integral part of their range. 

The history of the brand tells you a lot about Chloé glasses, with their foray into the Paris fashion world representing one of the first instances of ready-to-wear fashion. Prior to this it was common for the fashionistas of mid-century Paris to have their items made bespoke by tailors, but their dynamic approach made elegant clothing more accessible without forfeiting their high-class style and design. This outlook has continued to the present day, with their items oozing chicness and exclusivity, without the trouble of having to spend a long time with the tailor getting things perfect. Perfection from purchase is what you’ll get with Chloé.

The history of the brand is a who’s who of fashion icons, with names such as Karl Lagerfeld and Stella McCartney both acting as creative director at one time in the company’s prestigious past. This star-studded line up of directors demonstrates the respect that the brand holds in the industry and, for our customers, it's often something that really reassures them in choosing a pair of Chloé glasses. 

Why Shop Chloé?

There are many reasons to shop for Chloé glasses, even beyond their pedigree of providing high class fashionable eyewear in an accessible way. Their creative director, Gabriella Hearst, is known for her bold and impactful design style, which feeds through into the design of eyeglasses in a way that matches well with outfits and can transform your look. 

Designer eyewear is a fantastic way to make a small change that can leave a big impression. Whatever your desired effect, our team can help you find Chloé glasses that will have you looking fashionable and refreshed. 

One of the main reasons we would typically recommend shopping the Chloé range is their versatility. Despite being a Parisian brand known for their chic elegance, they have a range of eyewear that elevates, rather than overpowers, your own fashion choices. It is very clever design work indeed! Their styles are numerous but all distinctly their own, meaning a choice from their range is hard to ignore once you’ve noticed it – especially for those in the know. 

Stunning Styles

There are a lot of different things we could say to convince you that Chloé glasses are the right choice for you, but perhaps the best way is to take a look at the collection and see for yourself. There are styles for every face shape and they’re a great way of achieving a classic elegant, yet modern look. Here are a few of our favourite designs from the current range. 

Octagons, Big and Small

Something that the fashion house does very well is make quite unusual designs seem both normal and spectacular in a single pair of frames. One of their signature looks is the Octagon, which you can buy in both small and oversized styles. Leopard print on an oversized pair of octagon spectacles might seem slightly outrageous, but it works on so many levels that it leaves people unsure what it is about your look that they’re most impressed with. The smaller version is subtle and classy in a different way, but it’s very on trend right now. 

The Aviator

The Aviator is a giant in eyewear, and some of you may wonder what it has to do with a French designer. But the brand has a take on the aviator that stays true to the 80s heritage while refining and making marked improvements. 

Whether you’re opting for clear or tinted, the impact of these frames can be felt with their subtly rounded edges, which complement many facial features while updating and revitalising an older style. 

Try Before You Buy

Whether it’s the prestigious history of the brand, or the association with the chic style of mid-century Paris, there’s a lot to love about Chloé glasses. Their frames are elegant and subtle all at once, and you’re sure to love the way they complement the rest of your look. It can be tricky to find a pair of designer glasses with the huge choice that is out there, but when you’re shopping for the superb Chloe brand it’s common to find a pair that seems made just for you. 

We really recommend visiting us at David Paul Opticians and meeting one of our friendly staff and allowing them to help you choose the perfect pair of frames. You can try on whatever you like from the extensive range – including the amazing styles we’ve talked about above – and see what complements your individuality. We look forward to seeing you soon.