Reasons to Get Regular Eye Tests


Most adults need to get an eye test every two years, but when that reminder letter comes through, it’s all too easy to ignore. If you’re happy with your current glasses, and haven’t had any symptoms such as headaches, then you might be tempted to skip your eye test completely. However, your eye test is about much more than just getting the right glasses prescription. Here are some of the reasons why you should get regular eye tests.

1. They’re important to check development

Eye tests are essential for all ages, and they can help identify issues with child development. An optician will be able to check that your child’s eyes are developing normally and spot any potential issues with sight that can interfere with schoolwork.

2. Some eye problems don’t have symptoms

If your teeth hurt, you go to the dentist. However, some eye conditions can develop over time without any obvious symptoms, so you may not even know you need medical attention. There are some symptoms you can look out for, including:

  • Eye pain
  • Blurred or fuzzy vision
  • Flashes of light
  • ‘Auras’ around your vision
  • Sight loss

However, the best way to spot most eye conditions is to get regular eye tests. This is especially important if you’ve had family members with glaucoma or other hereditary conditions, and your optician will go through a family history before your test.

3. Eyes can’t be replaced

If you lose your teeth, you can get a false set, but eyesight is something that can’t be replaced. Even if your eyesight is currently good, and you’ve not had any medical conditions, then it’s important to check that nothing has changed in the last couple of years. If you are found to have a condition such as glaucoma, then early detection can be key to saving your sight, as you can be closely monitored and different ways can be found to prevent serious vision loss in the long term.

4. The wrong prescription can cause problems

Those who wear glasses or contacts should ensure they keep up to date with their eye tests. As you age, eyesight can worsen, and that means you might not be wearing the correct lenses. The wrong prescription can lead to headaches and fatigue, and even make it unsafe for you to drive, so make sure you book your appointments.

5. Other medical conditions can be detected

Opticians don’t just diagnose problems such as long or short-sightedness. The condition of your eyes can often be an indicator of other problems, and opticians can potentially spot signs of conditions from high blood pressure to brain tumours. Your eye health is closely linked to your health in general, and so eye tests are an important part of staying healthy, so shouldn’t be avoided.

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