7 good reasons to contact an optician today

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It is easy to neglect your own eye care but there are a number of reasons to have your eyes checked by an optician periodically. Sometimes we don’t notice slight changes to our vision, particularly if they are gradual (and especially when we are looking at computer screens every day), an optician can advise on any issues, no matter how small you may feel they are – spots showing irregularly, tired eyes. David Paul Opticians have put together 7 reasons that you should make an appointment to see your optician today.


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! We take our vision for granted but as we age, our vision can deteriorate. If you’re struggling to see into the distance or if the words start to blur when reading, David Paul Opticians can prescribe glasses or contacts to correct any problems you are experiencing.

2.Eye injury

If you’ve received a serious eye injury, always go straight to a hospital for treatment. Less serious eye problems can be addressed by an optometrist at your local optician. An OCT scan by David Paul Opticians can detect eye and health conditions in their early stages, allowing you to take preventative measures to keep your vision intact.


If you notice you are having more headaches than normal, it could be a sign of eye damage. And if you are constantly straining your eyes to see clearly, this can cause headaches. Get your eyes checked out as soon as possible to avoid any long-term eye problems and take away the pain.

4.Dry eyes

Dry eyes are often the result of allergies, cold weather or central heating. In a nutshell, they are pretty common. If this is something you’re experiencing on a regular basis, it is advisable to see an optician so he or she can give you a proper diagnosis. Optometrists at David Paul Opticians can conduct a series of simple examinations to determine the condition of your eyes.

5.Spots and auras

If you are seeing spots or auras in your vision, it can be an indicator of something wrong with your eyesight. Book an appointment with your eye doctor to rule out any eye problems.


If you notice you are squinting more than usual, don’t ignore it. Maybe your friends and family notice this before you do. It’s a good idea to get your eyes tested to determine the cause of the squinting. If you need glasses David Paul Opticians offers stylish options from leading brands like Calvin Klein and Tom Ford . Check out these elegant frames from Lindberg for some ideas.


Some medications that can have implications for your vision. Always update your optician about any medication you are taking. They can then carry out tests to ensure your vision has not been affected.


It’s vital to keep your eyes in good health and you should see an eye doctor at least once every two years. If you are experiencing problems with your eyes or your vision changes, then you should make an appointment today. Those who wear glasses or contacts should have regular check-ups. At David Paul Opticians, you can find bespoke lenses from leading brands. Our range of lenses are tailor-made and designed to aid and correct all types of vision.

David Paul Opticians have glasses for customers of all ages right from children through to grown-ups. To get your eyes tested or address any other eye needs, call us on 01442 879 303 or email info@davidpaul.co.uk