Some of the Most Iconic Glasses Wearers of all Time

lindberg glasses

Celebrities play a huge part in influencing trends, and with this in mind, here we discuss some high profile figures who make glasses a part of their iconic look. Trends come and go, but below we profile some of the most iconic spectacle wearers throughout history, read on to discover more:

John Lennon

While John lennon was working on the film ‘How I Won The War’ at the tailend of 1966, he was given a pair of round ‘granny-style glasses’ for his role. These glasses eventually stayed and became part of the iconic John Lennon image and persona. In some cases, a style or certain look becomes so popular it becomes cult-like. This is is the case with John Lennon Style frames. From the 1960's to today's date it is among one of the most popular styles. Yet, it will not be suitable for daily usage as the lens area is very small. But for casual use or as a second pair, nothing is more perfect than John Lennon glasses.

Anna Wintour

Vogue Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour is not often seen without her iconic sunglasses. The most famous person in the world of fashion, Wintour, who has been editor of Vogue since 1988 and artistic director for Condé Nast, Vogue's publisher, since 2013, is seen sporting her heavy black frames to almost every runway show or event. She caused a slight controversy in 2018 when she even wore them while being seated next to Queen Elizabeth II at a fashion show.

Steve Jobs

The glasses were a custom job for Jobs, who in 1998 had a consultation with Marc Jacobs. The two selected the existing rimless “Lunor” frames, but with round lenses, and the rest is history.

This simple look became part of Jobs’ iconic style and minimalist aesthetic, along with his black turtlenecks and worn blue jeans.

Jackie Onasis

Even a lifelong fashion muse like Jackie has her high-highs, and her years spent on the shores of the Mediterraean were it. The former first-lady and wife to John F. Kennedy spent her later years married to multi-billionaire Aristotle Onassis living in the Mediteranian. Here, she swapped her Massachusetts debutante decorum for playful, sun-soaked styles always topped with fabulous dark glasses.

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