With our extensive range of glasses lenses in Hertfordshire you can enjoy great vision clarity and comfort too. We can personalise your experience and fit your prescription into all of our designer eyewear brands.

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Lenses to suit all lifestyles

For the best quality lenses in Hertfordshire, visit our shop in Berkhamsted. Offering bespoke options from leading producers, all tailor made to suit your individual fit, at David Paul Opticians we believe in quality in every aspect of design. Perhaps you need new glasses for reading or maybe you need a pair for everyday wear - whatever you require, we have a range to suit. 





Expert advice and same-day service

When you come to see us, we offer you a comprehensive consultation and eye check so that we can recommend the ideal lenses to suit your prescriptive needs. Choosing the perfect option for your lifestyle can be tricky with so many choices on the market, but our experienced opticians will guide you to the perfect set for you.

Get in touch with us today to book an appointment with one of our team who are more than happy to help and answer any questions you may have. Open everyday except Sunday, we are perfectly situated to serve anyone from the Berkhamsted area and beyond. We can fix broken specs in double quick time and thanks to our on-site laboratory staff you can collect your Nikon lenses only hours after you placed your order for them.

Our huge range of gorgeous frames from top class designers include not only the likes of LINDBERG and Tom Ford, but many more too!

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    At David Paul Opticians, we appreciate that protecting your eyes is key to keeping your vision tip top. UV rays can have a negative impact on eye health so all lenses are produced using materials with an index of 1.59 and above. This means that they completely block UVA and UVB rays. For anyone requiring absolute protection from UV radiation because of a medical condition or perhaps increased sensitivity to bright light (perhaps you work at sea or in the mountains) we supply options that provide full protection from UV radiation. 


    Thanks to super high tech modern technology we can make lenses that combine the ultimate in function as well as style. Made to be ultra-thin, the creations we produce are made with 95% organic materials. We aim to provide every wearer with a light, thin lens that complements your prescription beautifully, resulting in perfect vision.


    When it comes to the very best lenses in Hertfordshire, Essilor’s Transitions VII definitely come close. Designed with cutting edge technology they react to changes in light, reducing eye strain and tiredness. Working to reduce the harmful blue rays that reach your eye, they block out 20% of blue rays indoors and 85% outdoors, while also keeping 100% UVA and UVB rays at bay.

    light indoors and over 85% outdoors, Transitions VII lenses constantly adapt to your environment and are more reactive to indirect sunlight compared to other photochromic lenses.

    It is not the blue light per se that is dangerous. After all, it is a natural light. The issues arise when we are over-exposed to it. In today’s modern world that is monopolised by smartphones, TVs and computers, over-exposure on a daily basis is normal. It is hard for the individual to monitor how much blue light they are subjected to and even harder to limit it. At David Paul, we endorse the Nikon’s SeeCoat Blue, Essilor's Provencia and Hoya’s BlueControl lenses that have coatings designed to neutralise any blue light and  prevent the eye-strain that over-exposure can cause. Reducing blue light also means you will get a better night’s sleep.


    These are perfect for anyone who spends their days outdoors in bright daylight. If you are always switching between your regular specs and sunglasses then Transitions XTRActive lenses might be your saving grace. Perfectly designed to include a moderate tint for when you are driving but also offering the ultimate protection in bright daylight, they are seamlessly responsive. Protecting from 34% minimum of harmful blue light indoors and up to 95% outdoors, this option also means that you no longer need to choose between UV protection and great vision: XTRActive brings you both.


    Transitions Vantage lenses are created to provide sharper vision even when you are exposed to the brightest of outdoor rays. Protecting from 34% of blue light harm indoors and more than 85% outdoors, this cutting edge option is designed for the everyday, darkening and polarising when exposed to UV light. 

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There is no need to live with poor eyesight. Visit us at David Paul Opticians for your comprehensive eye test, new designer glasses and some of the most modern lenses in Hertfordshire.