Sunglasses Trends for 2019


The warm air is finally starting to arrive and with it, the sun! As Britons prepare for the summer, the sales of disposable BBQs, sausages and Hawaiian shorts boom. To get yourself ready for the summer months, invest in some retail therapy and get yourself some sunglasses. Read on to discover some of the newest trends for 2019.

Tiny Sunglasses

All trends ebb and flow and as oversized glasses used to be the height of fashion, now slim glasses rule. Often extended and horizontal, but also coming in triangle shapes, these mini sunglasses are far more style than substance. Although they hardly cover your face, they have become a must-have accessory. Similarly, the retro-flare of cat eyes have also come back into fashion. Put tiny and cat-eye glasses together and you’re on to a winner!


An evergreen of sunglasses design, Ray-Ban will always remain in fashion. The stark simplicity of these titans of fashion has kept them on trend since 1937. They survived the Second World War and were created specifically for US pilots. Since then, the Wayfarer and Aviator have been seen on catwalks, in any number of magazines and on the street. They’re popular across the spectrum and are always a safe bet.

Shield Sunglasses

As opposed to tiny sunglasses, huge shield glasses are also ‘in’ right now. Coming in all shapes, sizes and styles, from translucent frames to huge squares, these cover half of your face for a glamorous and decadent look.

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