The Art Behind the Brand: Who is the Lindberg Designer?

Lindberg eyewear is created for the fashion conscious wearer; anyone whose priority is high quality, technical innovation and flawless craftsmanship is bound to appreciate a pair of the stunning eyewear. All Lindberg frames boast a unique aesthetic and all have been made with the traditional Danish style, which emphasises understated elegance and class. A designer that can combine remarkable form and function with simplicity is a true artistic genius. 

But who is the man behind the collection that has been recognised with dozens of prestigious awards? Suffice to say that above all else he has an impeccable eye for detail and a passion for cutting edge design. Indeed, all of his creations are strong, flexible, light and comfortable, while bearing no screws, rivets or welds; truly inspirational in every sense.

Meet Henrik Lindberg

Henrik’s Design Principles Unpicked

Based on the key principles of fashion and function, the design of Lindberg frames has changed little. Using carefully selected materials and created with zero compromise on comfort, the end product is lightweight, flexible and adjustable. Made to accommodate daily wear, they combine craftsmanship and engineering in a seamless and undeniably brilliant way. The pursuit of the impossible is the mantra the engineers live by, and with new employees brought in regularly, the designs are kept fresh and continue to push the limits of design. 

The range includes everything from the modern and playful to the elegant and classic. 

Unique Designs

Henrik believes that his designs provide quality beyond every industry standard, and he challenges anyone to try a pair of his frames and not feel the enormous difference. He also has a keen interest in how the final pair of specs are brought to fruition. He wants his frames to be finished correctly so that the end-user is completely happy with the product. This requires that opticians (such as David Paul’s) selling his brand understand how each style fits, which style suits a lifestyle and exactly how lenses sit within the specs. This designer is passionate about the end product and is clear in his pursuit of 100% customer satisfaction. 

He Collects Cars

Henrik has a passion for cars and always keeps a look out for his next restoration project. Buying cars with all of their original parts is key and during his restoration project (which may take two years) he remains patient until he locates the authentic parts he needs to bring the car back to life. He has a keen eye for timeless design and collects cars from the late 60s to the present day. 

Many of his cars, motorbikes and boats are exhibited in and around the company HQ. He loves the fact that his employees are inspired by the office they work in.

….And Furniture

Keeping an eye on all kinds of global furniture designers, Henrik particularly gravitates towards Swedish furniture and believes that it befits his Lindberg frames perfectly. Functional furniture made from unique materials boasting a minimalist and distinct aesthetic are what really gets Henrik excited. Using the inspiration he gets from furniture designers, he has expanded his creative talent and now includes a bigger focus on form, function and the use of original materials. 

When designing interiors himself he always makes it a priority to work with his family’s style in mind; a timeless finish is what he aspires to and he spends a lot of time choosing things for his home that will not be a ‘come and go’ fashion trend.

How Collecting Helps Henrik’s Work

It really doesn’t matter to Henrik what he is collecting, be it frames, furniture, fashion or decoration; it is all about design to him. He scrutinises details so that he can continue the incredible development of his Lindberg frames, his eye glass cases and other visual materials. Henrik certainly keeps his eyes open to new inspiration and strives to create an avant garde element to his creations. Always in pursuit of the fine balance between maintaining his signature style and developing a cutting edge design, he tries to do things differently. 

With a keen eye on what his competitors are doing and an appreciation of the dynamic aspect of the fashion world, he stays ahead of the game with regards to market demands, new technologies and innovative materials. He is a dedicated and talented man who cares deeply about what he does.

So now you know the designer, why not take a look at some of the Lindberg frames he produces? We, here at David Paul Opticians, love them. Function and fashion in a frame is something that we all need, so get in touch and let us guide you through our extensive range of Lindberg styles.