The Importance of Eye Tests When Choosing New Glasses

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When looking for a new pair of eyeglasses, many people overlook one of the most important aspects of the process. Getting your eyes tested regularly will not only ensure that you are wearing the right glasses for your sight but it will also mean that you are taking the very best care of your eyes.

A professional optician will be able to offer you tailor-made eye examinations to ensure that your eyes stay healthy and also to help you select the correct type of glasses.

Here are a few of the potential problems an eye examination could help you to detect:

1. Diabetes

A qualified optician will be able to carry out test to see if there are any early signs of diabetes. Finding out about the early signs of this disease can help you treat it and could stop it progressing and ultimately reduce the chance of developing one of the many lifelong debilitating conditions associated with late detection.

2. Macular Degeneration

Usually this medical condition effects the elderly and can lead to vision loss if left untreated. With the right type of test, you should be able to detect the onset of macular degeneration before it gets too serious.

3. Hypertension

By checking the blood vessels in a person’s eye an optician may be able to detect the onset of high blood pressure. High blood pressure can usually be treated very effectively simply by carrying out a regular form of exercise or by medication.

It is very important to choose an eye test that is not only thorough but one that is carried out by professionals. You will be able to find opticians that offer a range of eye tests that can help to maintain your vision and also detect the onset of other medical conditions.

Regular eye tests will not only benefit your vision; they will also benefit your health in general.

Optical technology has developed significantly in recent years and it is important to find an optician that can offer you a full range of tests that include the use of the following:

  1. Photoropter – This instrument is used by a trained professional to ensure that you get the correct prescription for new lenses.
  2. Computerised Test Chart – A modern, computerised version of the traditional test charts you are more familiar with.
  3. Digital Retinal Photography – This equipment can take an image of the back of your eye and this can then be used to check the health and condition of your vision.

To give your eyes the best treatment available, contact David Paul Opticians through their website and arrange to have your eyes tested by a team of professionals.