The Most Awe-Inspiring Eyes in The Natural World


The eye is one of the marvels of the natural world, with different animals and species having different types of eyes which work in spectacular ways. Some eyes are built for seeing at night and some can see colours that we can’t even perceive. Here are some of the most awe-inspiring eyes in the natural world.


Tarsiers are small primates that live in the jungles and woodlands of South East Asia. Known for their peculiar appearance, Tarsiers have eyes which can measure up to 1.6cm diameter which gives them the largest eyes of any mammal in relation to the rest of its body. Tarsier eyes cannot move, but their heads can move 180 degrees in either direction and their huge eyes are perfect for seeing at night when they hunt.

Mantis Shrimp

The mantis shrimp have one of the most impressive sets of eyes in all the animal kingdom, with 12 different colour receptors which allow them to see colours that are totally alien to us humans. The eyes of the mantis shrimp can see infrared, U.V and polarized light as well as swivel independent of the rest of their head.


Chameleons have one of the most iconic and instantly recognisable sets of eyes, as they’re able to move completely independently, have 360-degree vision and can focus on objects at lightning speed. These attributes give them the tools they need to catch flies and other insects which makes up a large part of their diet.


Finally, dragonflies have huge eyes which take up the vast majority of their head. Not only are they large, but they’re also impressive with 360-degree vision and over 28,000 lenses per eye; more than any other creature. These powerful eyes allow dragonflies to navigate accurately.

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