Three TV and Film Characters That Wear Glasses

harry potter

Without glasses, some of the world’s favourtie TV and film characters would be unrecognisable. Depending on which style of glasses they wear, this could be the very item that defines a character os intelligent, cute, kooky or simply memorable.

Below we discuss some of the best-loved TV and film characters that wear glasses.

Harry Potter

Created by the fantastic mind of J K Rowling, Harry Potter is the wizarding protagonist of the amazing Harry Potter book and film series. The teen’s round glasses became one of his most distinguished features along with his lightning-shaped scar. Many have wondered why Harry didn’t simply use a spell to fix his eyesight but without his glasses, Harry may not quite so recognisable as he is today.

Ugly Betty

Originally broadcast between 2006 and 2011, Ugly Betty became a popular comedy-drama, as it followed the character of Betty Suarez and she tries to find her feet in the cut throat, fast-paced and judgemental world of fashion and publishing at MODE Magazine. Betty’s signature style doesn’t go unnoticed either. Her flamboyant choice of clothing complete with glasses and of course her braces, definitely shake things up a mode - a place where designer goods and keeping up appearances are deemed as everything and more.


As one of the five main members in the Scooby-Doo franchise, Velma made her mark as the intelligent and cool-headed crime fighter, working alongside the rest of her gang as part of Mystery Incorporated. Velma is easy to spot in her trademark orange outfit and square-framed glasses. Unfortunately, despite being highly organised in everything else, Velma regularly loses her glasses and finds herself crawling on the floor to find them at the most inconvenient times!

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