Tips For Looking After Your Eyes at Work

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Do you ever get to the end of your working day are your eyes feel strained or sore? You may not realise, but at work, your eyes are vulnerable to a variety of problems if you don’t take the time to practice proper eye care. However, looking after your eyes isn’t difficult and with a little TLC you can prevent long-term problems and even improve your performance at work.

Read on for our top eye care tips.

Office workers

If you work in a desk-based job, then staring at a screen all day can cause additional strain in your eyes. If you need glasses then make sure you wear them when necessary as this will reduce pressure and prevent headaches too. It’s also a good idea to take regular breaks and give your eyes a rest. This can be done by simply looking away from your screen for a few minutes, or moving away from your desk during your lunch.

Construction workers

Jobs that involve using power tools and other types of machinery can be dangerous. Always wear eye protection to prevent flying debris and materials from damaging your eye unexpectantly. Goggles will keep you safe and stop fumes or sparks from entering your eyes - not wearing goggles can cause you to squint and this can affect how you handle machinery and equipment.


Whether you’re a long-distance driver, taxi driver or bus driver, if your driving all day this can cause your eyes to become weak. Always wear your prescription glasses if needed or sunglasses to prevent strong glares from affecting your vision. Prolonged focus can cause your eyes to droop which can be extremely dangerous for you, your passengers and other road users. Ensure you take regular breaks so you can reenergise and stay alert on the road.

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