Tips For Wearing Contact Lenses

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Anyone who has been wearing glasses their whole life, or for a fair chunk of it, will know how much we rely on them. The feeling of being free from glasses and being able to see without them is indescribable, which is why so many people opt for contact lenses. Whether you’re new to contacts or are an experienced wearer, here are some tips to consider when using contact lenses, from cleanliness to wearing makeup.

Inside out lenses

Anyone who uses contact lenses regularly knows about this nightmare - the inside out lens! There is an answer though. Before popping your contacts in, place your contact lens on your finger and look at it from the side. If it forms a smooth curve in a “U” shape, similar to a ball cut in half, this is how the lens should be. However, if the top edges look flared out like a soup bowl with a rim, this means they’re inside out, so gently turn them the right way again. Don’t panic if you do put your contact lens in your eye inside out - it feels a little uncomfortable and scratchy but it won’t do any damage to your eye.

Keeping them clean

Always wash your hands thoroughly before applying and avoid using moisturising lotions as the oil can stay on your fingers. When going onto a contact lens scheme, you’ll be provided with storage cases to keep your lenses secure and solution to clean and keep your lenses fresh. Always use the solution provided - don’t use tap water or your own saliva. If you’re using monthly contact lenses, change the solution in your storage case every couple of days. For cleaning your lens after each use, pop it in the palm of your hand and pour a little solution on there. With your finger, carefully swirl it around to rinse it before popping it back into your storage case.

Length of time

At the beginning of your contact lens programme, you’ll be advised to ease into wearing them, building up to a whole day. It’s recommended that you wear your contact lenses for a maximum of 10-12 hours per day, however, you’ll be guided personally by an optician. Wearing lenses for longer than this though may cause your eyes to become uncomfortable and prone to infection.

Eye makeup

Wearing makeup is completely fine, but you may have to be more aware of where you’re putting it. For example, lining your inner rims or between your lashes can get onto the lens and, eventually cause infection. Additionally, lash-lengthening and waterproof mascara can irritate or heavily stain your lenses. Always try to put your contacts in before doing your makeup (but this isn’t as important for gas-permeable lenses) and remove your lenses before removing your makeup.

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