Titanium: The Ultimate Metal for Designer Glasses

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Whether you’re looking to upgrade your eyewear or are selecting the very first pair of frames for your children, choosing the suitable material for those frames is essential. Not only is it important to feel confident in your new pair of specs, but because this is an accessory that you’re likely to wear all day and every day, comfort is key. This is why our customers will very often choose designer glasses over anything else, as they know they’ll be getting incredible quality, the chicest styles and the very best patient care.

While you can find some lovely examples of designer glasses constructed from acetone and other metals, titanium has fast become the favourite material for expert eyewear. And as you’ll soon find out, it’s pretty easy to see why! Known as the “space-age” metal, it’s renowned for its corrosion resistance, strength and lightweight qualities. Thanks to these properties it’s often used across a variety of industries – from technology to medical equipment and sports to eyewear. We’re here to tell you why you should consider titanium frames for your next pair of glasses.

What is special about titanium glasses?

There are many benefits to using this material in eyewear, but by far the best thing about the miracle metal is that it’s hypoallergenic. This means it won’t cause any irritation or allergic reaction to sensitive skin, which is often a deal breaker when it comes to choosing the most appropriate specs. Think about how many different types of skincare products there are that can be tailored to a particular skin type. Why wouldn’t we think about the material our glasses are made from? This is something we take seriously at David Paul, which is why we offer a wide range of titanium frames, such those in Lindberg’s Strip Collections, which comes complete with skin-friendly silicone nose pads.

Another reason why this metal is popular among eyewear users is that it’s pretty much indestructible. This means no more fears of sitting on your specs, and we also know that kids are bound to drop their glasses at some point; but with titanium, there will be next to no damage. This is because it’s extremely durable so the frames will simply spring back into shape. It’s for this reason that titanium designer glasses, such as our Nike range, are popular with sports people.

What are the pros and cons of titanium glasses?

We’ve already hinted at the many pros of wearing frames made with this material – with hypoallergenic properties and durability being the top features. However, there are many other reasons why you should consider upgrading to this wonder metal.

  • It’s non-corrosive – unlike most other metals, this one will not tarnish or corrode over time. This is an especially popular pro for people who are very active or spend time outdoors. In fact, it even has a self-preservation quality, meaning that if any scratches that occur on the surface are exposed to oxygen, a thin oxide film will develop to seal the scratch. Incredible!
  • They hold their shape – this is important when it comes to designing eyewear as every frame should be bespoke to the wearer. This metal can hold its shape extremely well, which means fewer adjustments will be needed later on.
  • They’re lightweight – perhaps the third most important feature of this material is that, despite being a metal, it’s extremely lightweight. In our opinion, the comfort and usage of glasses are increased with lighter frames, especially when it comes to children. Titanium allows us to make the most comfortable pair of designer glasses without the need to make the frames super thin.
  • They’re malleable – so, if thin frames are the look you’re going for, however, this metal is the easiest to use, thanks to its immense strength. This means that less material is needed to create a streamlined silhouette; our Lindberg collection offers some excellent minimalist looks to choose from.

Are titanium frames worth it?

There are pretty much no disadvantages to titanium frames, however, they are more expensive than frames made with other materials such as plastic or other metals. This is simply due to the production costs. But this isn’t just another accessory, your eyewear is something that you’ll spend a lot of time wearing, so not only do you have to love the way it looks, but it has to feel comfortable and extremely wearable. This is why we recommend titanium designer glasses to our customers. Its incredible properties make it the best material for almost every individual. 

At David Paul, we understand the importance of finding the balance between style and comfort, which is why we offer an excellent range of designer glasses. When it comes to our titanium frames, we offer a variety of colours and styles to suit any look, and our bespoke service ensures that you’ll receive the very best quality and professional guidance. Come in and visit David Paul Opticians to try the range for yourself.