3 Top Picks from Our Designer Glasses Range

There are many, many reasons for choosing designer glasses over the standard frames that you find in your opticians. You’re sure to notice the higher quality construction of them, and how this leads not only to a better fit, but a longer lasting pair of specs. Designer glasses are also more likely to make use of the latest technological advancements in eye care, which can make them appropriate for a number of wearers and situations. I always recommend that my patients take a look at the extensive range of designers on offer, as there might be something in the selection that suits them perfectly. 

Despite the higher cost of these types of frames, the benefits can really shine through and justify the price tag. Not only are they mostly of better quality, but from a fashion point of view, you’ll be taking on a piece of high-end, well designed eyewear that sets you apart from the crowd. 

Given the above, you’d think the decision to purchase designer glasses would come easily to our patients and clients, but that’s not always the case. The primary reason for this is the sheer choice on the market at the moment, which can make it very difficult to narrow down and make the best selection. Below I’ve highlighted three of the very best, that really do live up to their excellent reputation. 


Lindberg is one of the first names we think of when it comes to designer glasses that utilise the very latest and greatest in technological advancements. Perhaps the most striking aspect of their design and build is the fact that they use screwless and solderless frames, which make them much more durable in the long run. 

The quality of the build is important, but obviously our clients want their glasses to look the part as well. Lindberg delivers on this front with ease, as their glasses are stylish and chic; they expand across a spectrum from subtle and understated looks to more bold and ‘out there’ designs. 

This Danish brand is world-renowned for its quality and effortless style, so they are well worth investing in if you’re considering your options from the range available.

Calvin Klein

A name that is familiar to most people, but not necessarily for their designer glasses, Calvin Klein have really come into their own when it comes to designing frames. It’s hardly surprising given their designer pedigree, but when you see the shapes and styles on offer you’re sure to be a convert – even if you’ve never worn their clothes!

The brand is so much more than clothes now, having come to represent and underscore an entire lifestyle look, which is modern and cool. Their designs are bold and ready to make a statement for the wearer, and that’s exactly what you might expect for a brand that has long pushed boundaries in the fashion world. They have the ability to be not only exceptionally aligned with contemporary tastes, but also very accessible for the masses. With Calvin Klein you get a frame that works in any situation, from business to leisure, and casual meetings to first dates. 

The design quality is on par with the exceptional standard to which these spectacle frames are built, and our patients regularly become hooked on Calvin Klein frames – with an ever-expanding range making for quite the temptation!


Another global leader in fashion, and with a slightly more exclusive and high-end style than Calvin Klein’s more down to earth vibe, Prada’s reputation precedes it. Their style is youthful but also very refined, with frames to suit wearers of all ages and styles. They opt for bold and ‘in your face’ eyewear, as well as more classic designs given the iconic Prada finishing touches. 

Prada has been in the spectacle and sunglass frames market for a little over twenty years now, and are among the frames that you’re most likely to see setting celebrities apart on red carpets and nights on the town. The attention to detail that they afford each pair of glasses is truly second to none, and a testament to their long-standing reputation as a high-end fashion house. 

With such a global reputation, it was a risk entering the eyewear market when they took that step in 1999, but with superb design quality and contemporary styling, coupled with durability and the appeal that comes from the endorsement of film and music stars, they have made waves and cemented their standing as a powerhouse. If my clients are looking for something very special that will last the test of time, then I regularly recommend they take a look at the Prada collection.

Try Before You Buy

When making the foray into designer glasses, it’s important to know what looks good on your face as well as what suits your particular individual style. For that reason, we always recommend people come in to see us at David Paul Opticians, where we can give a bespoke service and find the right designer frames within a person’s price range and style sensibilities. 
Our patients know that with us they’ll not only be getting the best quality eye-care that money can buy, but that our range of designer glasses can’t be beaten and our expert team is knowledgeable about designers from all over the world. Whether you’re interested in Lindberg, Calvin Klein, Prada or something else, come and see us as soon as you can, and see what of our spectacular range suits you best.