Top Struggles That People Who Wear Glasses Can Relate To

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Being visually impaired can be a real inconvenience at times. For those who require a bit of assistance to see the world more clearly, it can be especially frustrating when our friends with perfect eyesight just don't understand what an inconvenience it is to worry about wearing contacts or glasses wherever you go. Here we outline some of the main hindrances of wearing glasses day to day, that many people can undoubtedly relate to.


For everyone else, they’re a simple summer accessory, and often a necessity when the good weather comes around. But when it comes to pondering over fun novelty sunnies in highstreet shops - things aren't so easy for you if you have bad eyesight. You needn't worry though, you can still pick chic and stylish sunglasses from a prescription range at any good opticians.

Exercising or going swimming

Steamed up lenses and glasses slipping down your face constantly are common things that glasses-wearers have to tend to while exercising. It can make going to the gym even less appealing than usual, if you thought that was possible.

What’s more, for the majority of us, swimming is a popular alternative to slogging it out on a treadmill but if you are visually impaired, it can be a little tricky. Luckily for swimmers, there are prescription swimming goggles available nowadays making the swimming much easier!

Selecting your new prescription glasses

There is a great deal of pressure involved in selecting the right pair of glasses, they are something you’ll own for a long time and something that you will undoubtedly use everyday. This decision can be a little stressful, trying to suss out if you've made the right choice, however, your optician will guide you in making the right choice for you.

Rainy and stormy weather is the enemy

If you get caught in a bit of bad weather the likelihood is, your vision is going to be pretty distorted. It’s times like these in which windshield wipers for glasses would certainly come in handy!

Here at David Paul Opticians, we understand the everyday struggle that comes with wearing glasses, that is why we offer a comprehensive range of services with over 30 years of experience we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction, combining unbeatable eye care with competitive prices. Get in touch to find out more.