Victoria Beckham Eyewear | Why We Like It

victoria beckham glaases

Made famous in the 1990s as a member of the pop phenomenon: The Spice Girls, and then as the wife of a heartthrob footballer, Victoria Beckham is a cultural and fashion icon. Since then, she’s earned her renown as a fashion superstar with her very own line of clothing, makeup and accessories that boast the best of British craftsmanship. Today, the English fashion brand is synonymous with modern, classic and timeless looks. The same sophistication and refinement are carried through into the Victoria Beckham glasses, which are the perfect finishing touch for any ensemble.

About the brand

Before exploring the range of Victoria Beckham glasses, let’s take a closer look at the brand’s evolution from inception to big catwalk contender. After walking the runway for Roberto Cavalli in Milan, being the face for Dolce & Gabbana, Marc Jacobs and others, founding her own line was the natural next step for Victoria who had always demonstrated an obsession with fashion and attention to detail. Although not unusual for celebrities to pursue this passion, VB has exceeded all expectations by building a brand that’s earned her serious credibility as a designer and trendsetter.

Victoria's own fashion line debuted in 2008 at New York Fashion Week and has gone from strength to strength ever since. This is largely down to the inimitable style of the brand, which appeals to all kinds of women. The label is all about modern-day sophistication and elegance with classic fits from women’s blouses to dresses - and let’s not forget eyewear! You can expect bold floral prints, flannel, and stylish monochrome and they’re even toying with a new 70’s inspired collection so if you like flares and chunky knitwear, look no further.

At the very heart of the label is Victoria’s own personal style, which is all about classic looks with a touch of avant-garde. The brand’s aim is to offer women a collection of carefully curated pieces that they can wear again and again, while also keeping things interesting with bold colours and prints, as well as top-quality materials. Beyond this philosophy is an ethical imperative, which focuses on excellent service, sustainable materials and eco-sensitive methods to create their garments - the cosmetics line is all vegan and cruelty-free too. What’s not to love?

You can find Victoria Beckham glasses, clothing and cosmetics (newly launched in 2019) in the flagship store in Mayfair, alongside the atelier and offices. If you’re not in London, don’t worry, VB is carried in 250 stores worldwide so wherever you are, you’ll be able to try this incredible fashion line.

Victoria Beckham Glasses

Now that we know the brand a little more, let’s dive into the wonderful world of Victoria's eyewear. The new eyewear collection offers a balance of classic frames, such as the aviator and navigator styles, with bolder silhouettes that mix style with attitude. Whether you’re looking to make a statement or want something more subtle, the Victoria Beckham glasses collection has it all covered with each design creation made to complement the wearer. These modern frames perfectly balance acetates with strong metallics and delicate details. Made in Italy, the Victoria eyewear embodies the brand's DNA which emphasises sophistication and timelessness.

The Eyewear

Classic Victoria

A bestseller for a reason, these classic aviator styles are as much part of the VB look as the designer herself. If you want to take a bit of Victoria’s natural charm and effortless style home, these are the frames for you. Expertly handmade in Italy, this eyewear has an ultrathin frame with acetate tips and a new VB monogram on the right lens. You can also choose from a selection of colours to add your own touch.

Classic Logo - Flat Top Visor

Another style that has become something of a signature for the brand, these Victoria Beckham glasses are edgy and bold, with full acetate and a flat visor on the front. The dramatic shape is sure to make a statement, but, with updated temple tips, they’ve got added comfort as well.


For the fashion gurus who like traditional femininity in their eyewear, the sculptural cat-eye frames are designed to make an impact. The bevelled acetate and lightly decorated guilloche pattern creates an almost quilted effect.

Metal Grooved

Modern glasses that are clean, clipped and complementary to all styles, this style boasts rectangular wireframes for a feminine look and tops finished with acetate for comfort.

Just like the clothing line, Victoria Beckham glasses are designed with the wearer in mind. Carefully made to provide comfort alongside en vogue design, this is a frame collection that can work for everyone. Why not come and try them for yourself? Visit David Paul Opticians to see how you look in the designer eyewear today.