What to Expect at an Advanced Eye Examination

Even if you are very careful to protect your eyesight, wear corrective lenses, and visit an optician for regular eye tests, your optician may recommend advanced eye examinations as a part of your eye care. This can be very overwhelming and concerning for people who aren’t sure if this means that they have major problems with their eyes. Rather than becoming afraid of what an advanced eye exam means for you, when you better understand the purpose of these exams and what they are designed to do, you can rest easy that your optician has your best interests at heart.

Checking for Major Problems

Opticians know that while they can often diagnose eye problems through regular exams, if you have a family history of major medical problems, you will benefit from undergoing an advanced eye examination. This type of examination goes far beyond a regular sight test and does more than simply determine whether or not you are able to see at short or far distances. When you undergo an advanced eye exam, your optician will be able to identify whether or not you are suffering from early stages of such medical conditions as macular degeneration, glaucoma, vitreous detachment, and more.

Understand Your Vision Problems

While it is very common to undergo an eye test to determine whether or not you would benefit from glasses, an advanced eye exam does much more than simply check for normal problems. Your optician may want to perform an advanced eye exam if you have had major vision changes in the past or they are worried about you suffering from medical problems that your family members have had in the past. These exams are beneficial because they are quick and painless, and they will provide your optician with quality results that they will be able to quickly and easily understand.

Making Corrections to Maintain Your Sight

After an advanced eye examination, it is very common for an optician to make changes to any corrective lenses that you wear or even prescribe prescription sunglasses to protect the health of your eyes. Because many types of eye disease are irreversible, it is important that you work with an optician you trust to take steps to protect your sight and maintain it. While many people are worried about the style of their glasses, with amazing options from Lindberg and even Tom Ford sunglasses, there’s no reason why you should be unhappy with your corrective eyewear.

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