Why Advanced Eye Examinations Are Important


Your eyes are obviously important, yet it is easy to take your sight for granted and expect to enjoy perfect vision come what may. There are many ways our eyes can become strained; working for many hours in front of a computer screen, for example, can cause tremendous strain on your eyes and you would be well advised to take short intermittent breaks to give your near focus a rest. The eyes are a window into a person's health as they can show clear indications of diabetes and age related macular degeneration and other medical conditions, and with state of the art advanced eye examinations, preventative measures can be taken at a very early stage, thus avoiding complex treatment at a later date. More and more people are turning to eye care treatments as they can pinpoint many medical conditions at a very early stage and at David Paul Opticians, we are always ready to examine your eyes thoroughly.

Optical Coherence Tomology (OCT)

This imagery system can detect symptoms of eye disease at very early stages and at David Paul Opticians, we have invested in the very latest technology to analyse retinal conditions. This revolutionary testing method is completely non-invasive, as nothing actually comes into contact with the eyes, the examination is painless and can be carried out on people of all ages. The examination produces high resolution images of various parts of the eyes that are studied by our opticians and suitable treatment can then be recommended.

Detectable Eye Conditions

OCT examination can detect a range of eye conditions, which include the following:

· Diabetes – This medical condition affects about 2 million people in the UK and an OCT scan can identify the disease in its early stages, allowing for quick intervention, which is often all that is required to stop the condition from becoming worse.

· Glaucoma – This can cause serious damage to your optic nerve and without an OCT scan, glaucoma can go undetected and this will lead to serious complications in the future. If this condition is left untreated, it can cause serious vision impairment and an OCT scan is the recommended procedure to ensure that your eyes are free from glaucoma.

· Macular Degeneration – This are related condition typically affects people over fifty years old and an OCT scan will identify the condition if it is present. Age related macular degeneration causes gradual damage to the central retina area and if it is discovered with an OCT examination, treatment can be prescribed.

· Vitreous Detachment – This complex eye condition causes the jelly like substance inside the eyeball to disconnect from the back of the eyes and if left untreated can cause serious damage to a person's vision.

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