Why Glasses Are The New Fashion Forward

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Fashion is constantly changing and evolving, but have you noticed that glasses are creeping onto the runway? Yes, you can be super-fashionable, yet still look after your eyes at the same time!

Of course, the most important aspect of wearing glasses is to improve your vision and correct any defects with your eyesight, but there’s no reason why you can’t use your new glasses to up your fashion kudos at the same time. Glasses can add a sense of intelligence, mystery, and extra oomph to any look!

The Evolution of Glasses

We have come a long way from the frames of old. Back in the day, we only had prescription frames to choose from and we hadn’t yet developed the technology to thin out lenses. This meant that if you needed a strong lens, they were likely to be very thick and cumbersome. There wasn’t anything particularly fashionable about glasses at this time, and it did cause a stigma to develop.

Thankfully everything has changed!

We now have top quality glasses, super slim, a huge range to suit all face shapes, and we have some of the biggest designer names, such as Tom Ford, creating beautiful frames at great prices. Glasses are now super fashionable, and that makes choosing the right pair even more important.

Tips to Bear in Mind When Choosing Glasses

As with any type of clothing, accessory, or footwear item, not everything suits every single person. The same can be said for frames. On top of this, not every frame supports every single type of lens, and it might be that you need extra services, such as lens thinning or special coatings, to accommodate your needs.

There are a few go to tips when choosing glasses:

Take Someone You Trust With You

It’s a good idea to take a trusted friend, partner, or family member with you, so when you’re trying on frames, you can get their honest opinion. Of course, our staff will help you out, but you might prefer the opinion of someone you’re close to at the same time – two heads are better than one!

Make Sure The Frame Compliments Your Face Shape

For instance, smaller faces can’t usually handle large frames. Similarly, someone with a round face shouldn’t go for rounded frames. Our friendly staff will be happy to advise you on the types of frames that will suit your face shape, but you’ll also find plenty of information online if you want to read up ahead of time.

Go For a Neutral Colour

It’s always a good idea to go for something classy, rather than a frame that is brightly coloured or patterned. This means that your frames will suit every single outfit you wear. Think about blacks, greys, whites, creams, browns, or even silver/gold, to narrow your choice down. Of course, the colour also needs to suit your skin tone too.

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