Why Wearing Sunglasses Could Benefit Your Health

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Not just a great fashion accessory, there are several reasons why regularly wearing sunglasses can go a long way to protecting your eyesight as well as reducing the likelihood of experiencing a range of illnesses and diseases.

It is important that you always protect your eyes whilst outside in harsh sunlight, as the effects of harmful UV exposure can’t be reversed. In addition, you might just find that you also feel much better and are able to concentrate for longer.

1. Reduce the Likelihood of Skin Cancer

Most of us are aware of the dangers of exposing our skin to sunlight for extended amounts of time, but many might not know that the skin on your eyelids is responsible for 10% of all skin cancer diagnoses.

Just as your eyes needs to be protected, so does the skin around them including the eyelids, so always ensure that you wear sunglasses when spending time outside, even when there is plenty of cloud cover or it doesn’t feel that warm.

2. Reduce the Likelihood of Cataracts

Cataracts are an eyesight condition which affects a significant amount of the world’s population. In fact, the World Health Organisation has conducted a study suggesting that over 900,000 people across the world are now blind due to the presence of cataract in their eyes.

Studies show that one of the leading causes of cataracts - essentially cloudiness of the lens which is present in the eye - is due to excessive UV exposure which has caused irreparable damage to the eyeball.

3. Prevent Macular Denegation

The composition of the human eye is complex with many different facets, all responsible for providing you with vision. Macular Degeneration can occur due to UV light exposure which can damage what is known as the macula lutea are of the eye, causing blurred vision and loss of eyesight.

4. Improve Your Concentration and Reduce Fatigue

Harsh sunlight causes us to squint and places undue strain on our eyes. You might have noticed this when driving for extended periods of time and found that you begin to struggle to concentrate and that your eyes feel fatigued.

Wearing a pair of sunglasses which filter UV light will reduce this fatigue and increase your levels of comfort, whether driving or spending long periods of time out in the sun.

5. Sunglasses Make the Perfect Fashion Accessory

Whilst not a health benefit, many people choose to wear sunglasses simply because they look good. There is a pair of sunglasses out there to suit everyone, no matter your tastes, with a large selection of frames and lenses to suit any occasion. To view our selection of designer sunglasses, take a look at our sunglasses product page.